Absolute Beginners Yoga 2

Hope you found last weeks help sheet useful.  mages.


Reclining Twist

This is fairly steraight forward.  Again only go as far as you are comfortable.  This example is the first stage and you can stretch further as you get more used to the pose. 


The important points to remember are that you make sure you don't lean forward in an effort to reach lower, doing this can cause strains.  Your feet should   be planted corecctly and  not rolling  inwards.  The first position is to have your hand on your thigh and it is fine to stay there if that is where your comfort is.   It's a good idea to try this pose against a wall ensuring that your back is flat against the wall as you bend sideways.  You'll know that's the right position then.


This once again is the position you are aiming for.  Done with care and practise you will get there eventually.  Happy practising and don't forget if you have any problems or questions please either text or email me. 07936030890 [email protected]

recap for week 1 just use extension ABT1.html

  • seated twist
  • triagle

Seated Twist

The important ting to remember about this pose is to keep your back upright and your head also upright.   Be carefulo not to try to twist your head too far as it is easy to strain.  Do not pull yourself round but only use your hands for support and steadiness.  


Seated Forward Bend

Most important is to start sitting upright forward on your sitting bones. Reach up and forward to help bend forward from your hips.  Only as far as iscomfortable otherwise you will strain your back.  Rekax and breathe into the stretch allowing it to take you a little frther.  Do not pull yourself beyond your comfort.  See the range of different stretches in the picture.