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  1. Our Open Day went down really well despite the competition from the Rock extravaganza.

    Alan Cox was pretty much booked up for the day and his talk was well attended.  People were being mesmerized by the new lamps and we saw los of people leaving more relaxed than they were when they came in.  We are going to be holding Open Days regularly every 3 months or so - so please if you are interested sign up to the newsletter and you will get notification.

  2. burma rock  Can you see anything unusual about this picture?
      You may want to turn you head sideways!

      Still nothing? ....

    Take another look at the picture - we've turned it sideways for you!
    burma rock 2

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  3. How long have you worked at the same company? 

    Nowadays it's more usual to be transient typically switching jobs around every five years.

    On Friday 22nd January we were helping Asda in Rochdale to reward four members of staff who had been working for Asda for 30 years!

    All four were able to join in a chair yoga session provided by Barry Todd our Yoga teacher seen here leading the group from the rear. The session is perfect for people who are sitting at tills all day or carrying out regular repeated movements.  All participants felt the benefits of the yoga session and were suprised at how relaxing it was.

    bobbymassageEach staff member was then treated to a mini massage with Bobby Feven,  Bobby knows precisely where to press to release long term posture 'knots' or tension.  He has a full working week dealing with sports people with injuries or muscle tensions and also with people who have fall injuries or the aches and pains that tend to come along with age..
    So again this therapy ideal for those who get tension from repeated movements in their work and for the tensions of everyday living. 

    The time waiting for their turn was not wasted.  Each staff member was also taken through a health MOT when small changes were suggested that might improve their health and well-being.

    We were also giving free MOT's to customers who came into the store.  We had a steady stream of people wanting to know how they could help themselves to better health.  Some people who visited us were already suffering from quite serious conditions, on quite a lot of medication and we were able to make some suggestions that would improve their quality of life.  Others were interested in things they could do to prolong their health and avoid having to take long term medication.
    All in all it was a good experience for us and for the visitors we trust.
    Follow this link to see this article in Rochdale on Line