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  1. You are What you Think

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    freedomThis week we heard about yet another person who has given up a safe job with regular money to plunge into the depths of self-employment after trying to manage a job and what could only be described as a hobby which will now be her source of income.  This follows not long after Rachael left the confines of working in a salon to branching out with her own place.

    It is a brave step to take - we know this and it is not easy - we know this too and you work longer hours that you would for an employer - oh yes we know this.

    However, the mental freedom that you gain from being your own boss, creating your own business, using your many latent talents and discovering the need to learn even more are exciting, challenging and rewarding - we know this.  They can also be daunting and downright heart stopping scary when you enter the big bad world.

    Of course it all depends on how you look at it.

    It is very telling that during the peak years of the  recession more people than ever (at least in our circle) left well paid high pressured jobs and went it alone.  They decided that they could forego a few foreign holidays and camp in Ashworth Valley in the rain instead and believe it or not it can be just as good fun if you look at it in the right way.

    So it is about the way you look at things and when you look in a positive way you are open to opportunities that come your way.  However, when you look at it from a scary position than you see all the possible dangers and threats and miss the opportunities.

    Whether it is about leaving your job or about your approach to life, finding a partner the positive and opptomistic outlook is always best.

    Stopping this positive outlook are memories and learned behaviours from the past.  You feel guilty about enjoying your life, you believe life should be a struggle, youthink you don't deserve to be happy, you feel responsible for others.

    As the Froxen songs says 'Let it go'.  Be happy

    If you want to talk about some of these issues informally I offer free consultations so just emails for an appointment.

    Andrea Lowe
    Senior Hypnotherapist and trainer


  2. Where is Serendipity

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    Have you ever been to serendipity?

    brambley hedge

    Let me guide you there. 

    As soon as you walk into serendipity it feels like one of those magical enthralling places that captured your heart in story books from childhood, like Brambly Hedge and other favourites.  Those magical memories remain and stay with you in adulthood.

    Serendipity feels different  for everyone but for me it mmediately reminds me of beautiful illustrations of  wonderful little cosy homes hidden amongsts the roots of the trees.  As soon as I step through the door into serendipity I feel like I have stepped into a fariytale whisking me to the wonderful memories of those magical stories that are always there,  waiting to be accessed and brought to life once again.  Even adults deserve a little fairlytale magic.   Once you enter there are interesting corners of magic to explore and cosy  places to nestle down and relax. 

    Then all you have to do is relax and wait for serendipity to happen ... and it always does .... though you have to be patient and dedicated.  Ask all the people who have encountered 'coincidences' and got just what they needed in serendipity.

    Serendipity is a place called Zen

  3. Book review - A Question of Guilt

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    If  you want to be taken through a rollacoaster of emotions, questions and opinions.  If you want to discover that you can't trust your own mind then read this book.

    The author is a lawyer and the book is about a lawyer defending an innocent man.... but is he.  The lawyer goes through twists and turns in the plot - questionsing her own decisions, unsure of her client.  But finally thinks she has the final proof she needs of his innocense.  She gets him off but that final knowing smile, should she take that as a heads up that shes been conned>

    Very well researed and accurate in detail as you would expect from a real life lawyer.

    Though provoking

    Author Frances Fyfield

  4. Book Review - Fallen Women

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    As you might imagine this book is mainly about a girls from a wealthy background whose behaviour has resulted in her being repeatedly rejected.

    It is a story unfolding and gives an interesting insight into women living in period New York.  As with anyone who ill considers others there are many innocent people dragged into the nightmare.  Her sister, who naively believes only good about her siste,r travels to New York to work with the police in solving her murder.  Gradually all those around her open up and it is revealed that the girls wasn't the innocent that everyone wanted her to be.

    So it's a murder mystery with whore houses, drug dens and ore thrown in.  Most of all it is very isightful about relationships and how we believe what we want to believe based on our own value systems.

    Recommended for anyone studying therapy or interested in the human mind and emotions

    Author is Sandra Dallas

  5. Book Review - Let's Dance

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    Well you might think the title would be enough for me to pick up that book!  You'd be wrong though.  This book by Frances Fyfield is a study in relationships between mother and daughter.  Love and hate, pity and anger all have their place.  As the story unfolds as a lot of history is revealed. 

    The mother is suffering from alzheimers and although in the early stages it has made her moody and unpredictable.

    The daughter has gone 'home' with a charitable do good heart she thinks... she gradually finds that she isactually looking for the love she never experienced as a child.  Disturbing and real it is a very good read.

    I have reviewed a book by this author previously, you maight re seems to spend a lot of time getting to know the characters and their experiences ecall, she is a lawyer and that occupation is reflected in her research and writing.  as she tends to have what seems to be very accurate knowledge of each topic she writes about.

    Recommended if you like to study people or if you are a therapist.

  6. Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

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    One of the conditions that I am most frequently asked to help with is Anxiety.  Anxiety can be very debilitating causing difficulties in the workplace and with personal relationships as well as having to suffer that nervousness and mild fear that seems to be there most of the time.

    Here are some ways that hypnotherapy can help to manage nd/or alleviate unwanted anxiety.


    If you can focus on the present moment, often called mindfulness, rather than projecting into the  future, based on past experiences your anxiety will lessen.

    Hypnotherapy can help by introducing new thought patterns that can be more beneficial than some of those old negative thought patterns.

    The mind is very powerful and taking more control over some of your thoughts can be truly amazing.  This is especially useful with specific fears and phobias when creating altrnative thoughts can have dramatic outcomes.

    Defining Your Inner Strengths

    Everyone has qualities and strengths that they are not aware of.  Sometimes a strength is hiding behind what you have always perceived as a weakness.  Small thought adjustments can present you with untold new strengths and resources.  For instance if you have always felt that you are over critical, the hidden strength you might discover is that you can be discerning and able to be relied upon to do a good job. 

    Hypnotherapy could help you to recognise some of these hidden qualities and see them for the strengths that they could be.  The way you see yourself will change as you change your thought processes.  As children we often get moulded into our beliefs about our weaknesses and sometimes have been misguided and suppressed.

    Mental Rehearsal

    Imagining yourself in a situation that is causing you problems and seeing a successful outcome and confident handling can have great effect when done with hypnosis.  The advantge of hypnosis is that everything is very compelling and images can be enhanced and made more attractive..  Luckily the mind cannot discern a difference in something that is imagined with full emotions and something that is real, so rehearsing an event beforehand wil give that same buzz as if you actually did it. Great for anxiety that is specific to a situation.

    It's Okay to not be happy all the time

    We spend our time trying to create a utopia life.  Our lives are precarious as is the world.  We would not be normal if we did not sometimes feel down, worried, in pain....  Yet we try to fight against the physical pain that we feel as well as the emotional downs.

    This fight creates a tension that effectively makes the original condition worse and can lead to health issues and physical conditions.

    Going with the pain whether that is physical or mental pain will at least prevent you suffering more than you need to and give you more space to discover a better way forward.  You will often notice a significant improvement and thoughts will pass through your mind more readiliy if they are allowed to be and not resisted.

    Whilst all this might seem like a mountain to climb for the consicous mind when in hypnosis it is a simple and quick method of making you more comfotable.

    thumbs up

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