The Filters of Our Life

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What would our life be like if we didn't have any filters through which to see it?

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An immediate response might be great, liberating, wonderful, I want some of that!!

However, the filters through which we see life are similar to sieves that filter out unwanted dregs.  If we didn't have filters the whole of our mind would be full of contrasting and opposing experiences in the form of sights, sounds, feelings.  We may be in somewhat of a mess.

Filters are useful and neccessary in small doses.  We learn lessons from unsatisfactory experiences and put filters in place to screen out further receptiveness to similar experiences.  We also learn to put filters in place from a very young age and so to a great extent where we are 'cultivated' has a big influence on the filters we establish.  Now some of these filters can be quite restrictive to our free thinking, setting us into very rigid ways of thinking.  These are the filters that would benefit from being loosened a little.

This will be the topic of our Supper talk Mental Rhubarb.  if you would like to chat over a meal then book on now.

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