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Or how to stretch a weekend into a week.

We're off the the wild hills of Burnley today for our latest retreat.  Each time we get a new venue it's always a bit serious for us until we get there and make sure everything is okay.  We always like to bring the unique featrues of the venue to the retreat so tailor the weekend to do that. 

This weekend is very different for us.  We are including into the weekend as much of the outdoors as we can and I think we are going to be lucky enough to have at least one sunny day.  So the field that is part of the centre and the small woods that they also own will be incorporated into our weekend as much as we possibly can.

There is also a projector room with a big drop down screen which we are going to be using to show film/s in the evening (with popcorn hehe)

The biggest difference/challenge for me is the catering which Zen are doing i.e. me with a lot of help from Barry and due to frequent requests that I couldn't keep ignoring I decided to take the opportunity to also offer some mini workshops/demonstrations on vegetarian cookery for small groups as the opportunity for a formal kitchen seemed too good to miss.  Soooo... the pressures on and i don't mean cooking (or maybe I do).

I often feel as though I don't know my left from my right but always seem to get there in the end so i am sure all will go swimmingly well and I nominate Lesley to take over if I loose my ability to speak.

Barry, who can be found looking at the moon quite often, has noted that this Sunday is a new moon which has special meaning 24 hours each side so on Saturday he will be incorporating some new moon posturing and  meditation and we will be holding a workshop on mandalas for the new moon too.

A very different weekend will be had by all

It takes a lot of preparation but the weekend is usually great fun and a fantastic weekend away that feels more like a week, so stretching in more ways than one.

I will tell you more when it is all over.

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