Why choose a therapy centre?

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Why choose a therapy centre?


When there are so many therapists around, why is it advantageous to choose a therapist working within a centre.

One of the many advantages is that as there are a range of disciplines practising there it is more likely that your therapist will be able to discuss and ask advice off colleagues if an additional or alternative therapy is indicated.  Within a centre you have a smooth progression  to the new therapist and especially if an additinal one is indicated then they can work together quite easily.

Therapist working within a centre are likely to have a broader view of therapies rather than just a focus on their own and in fact will often have tried a selection of the other therapies on offer, often doing a 'swap' with colleagues.

We have a great example of this going on right now within the centre as Jenny, our beauty therapist is starting to attend pregnancy yoga classes with Suzanne and will be having a course of hypnotherapy for childbirth with Andrea soon to prepare for the birth.  Andrea goes to Jenny (when she can get an appointment - booked up) for a beauty therapy (can't you tell!) and no doubt Suzanne will be taking advantage of the facilities soon.

Other good reasons are that you can be more assured that your therapist has good qualifications and insurance if they are working from a centre as the centre will require it.
They will have guidelines to adhere to for their governing organisation, and also will be required to adhere to some additional professional guidelines by the centre.

You can also be fairly sure that your therapist is committed and is taking their work seriously not just fitting the odd client in here and there so will have gained experience.

It's okay to  relax and rest assured that there are unlikely to be interruptions.  A therapist working from home or worse from your home will not in some cases be in as much control of the environment  making that relaxing experience a bit harder to achieve.

Just a thought - something to consider when you are choosing a therapist.


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