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freedomThis week we heard about yet another person who has given up a safe job with regular money to plunge into the depths of self-employment after trying to manage a job and what could only be described as a hobby which will now be her source of income.  This follows not long after Rachael left the confines of working in a salon to branching out with her own place.

It is a brave step to take - we know this and it is not easy - we know this too and you work longer hours that you would for an employer - oh yes we know this.

However, the mental freedom that you gain from being your own boss, creating your own business, using your many latent talents and discovering the need to learn even more are exciting, challenging and rewarding - we know this.  They can also be daunting and downright heart stopping scary when you enter the big bad world.

Of course it all depends on how you look at it.

It is very telling that during the peak years of the  recession more people than ever (at least in our circle) left well paid high pressured jobs and went it alone.  They decided that they could forego a few foreign holidays and camp in Ashworth Valley in the rain instead and believe it or not it can be just as good fun if you look at it in the right way.

So it is about the way you look at things and when you look in a positive way you are open to opportunities that come your way.  However, when you look at it from a scary position than you see all the possible dangers and threats and miss the opportunities.

Whether it is about leaving your job or about your approach to life, finding a partner the positive and opptomistic outlook is always best.

Stopping this positive outlook are memories and learned behaviours from the past.  You feel guilty about enjoying your life, you believe life should be a struggle, youthink you don't deserve to be happy, you feel responsible for others.

As the Froxen songs says 'Let it go'.  Be happy

If you want to talk about some of these issues informally I offer free consultations so just emails for an appointment.

Andrea Lowe
Senior Hypnotherapist and trainer


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