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Home made Hummus has no comparison with the  commercial stuff.  it's like trying to compare real coffee with the powdered instant sort.

And it is so easy to make that I don't know why they ever sell any in the supermarkets
Here's how.

The short cut version:

Take a tin of chick peas and drain the liquid but retain

Put chick peas in a mixing bowl. add one table spoon of tahini, a good squeeze of lemon and some zest. a clove of garlic a little olive oil
Blend everything together, if it is dry then add some of the drained liquid or more oil . Season  There you have it done.

To make it even more special add to the ingredients a small handful of fresh herbs.

More ideas:

If you want to be extra authentic you can use dried chick peas, soak overnight and boil then simmer until tender DON'T THROW THE WATER AWAY*

If you want to make your own tahini it is just sesame seeds roasted and ground with pestal and motar into olive oil with a little seasoning
You can add chilli instead of herbs
Balsamic vinegar instead of some of the liquid and a thousand other things - just experiment and use your imagination.

* Excellent for soups and stock:  The flavour of commercial stock tends to influence the flavour of the dish you are making whereas the pure water from veg or chick peas just provides a backdrop for your dish =- this is especially relevant with soups.

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