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More and more people are enrolling on holistic courses in an effort to simplify their lives.  Given the current climate it is perhaps not surprising how many people are prepared to give up secure, financially rewarding and stressful jobs to settle for the insecurity of self-employment and the satisfaction of making someones life better.

There is also no doubt about it that those skills that have been honed during the employment period are certainly very useful when it comes to making a success of a new holistic and self-managing role.

We at Mind and Body are quite proud of the successes that some of our students have had and the way that they have found their own individual niches to fit into.

Many choose to cut back on their employed hours and build up their holsitic practice gradually but once they taste the freedom it doesn't seem to be long before they are walking away from their old role and stepping bravely into their particular new world with confidence and panache.

They chose their course, we like to think, because they felt that we would be able to give them the very best experience they could hope for.  Many of our students come from direct recommendations from previous students.  Although rarely admitted, it makes us feel warm and cuddly when we are told visits by ex students to the centre feel like they are coming home.

So how do you go about finding a course that will nurture and look after you?

The first thing to realise is that as you search through the many courses that are available the product that you are looking for is not a course. 

Actually you are the product. 

For those who have qualifications in more traditional subject that you need to learn, what I say might be a bit of a stretch.  However, any course that is holistic in nature is, almost by definition, going to have a personal impact on the students of the course.  For that reason as much as any other it is important that you choose wisely.

As you are searching and sending for information the details will vary somewhat making it difficult to choose.  However, you need  always without exception to talk to someone involved with the course.  Look upon this as your initial interview OF THEM and not the other way round.  If they are giving you a list of their successes and qualifications or blinding you with science then their courses could be discarded.  They will present the course in the same way, out to impress but not that interested in you.

Beware also of the one who never lets you go.  Once you have contacted them, hounding upi and in some cases putting you under pressure.  Some have been known to suggest that if you don't sign up for their, often expensive, course then you do not value yourself.

I would say the the A word applies to both of the above categories - Arrogant.

Then there are the courses who give you a certificate at the end of the course after you have been sat with 30+ other students.  You have done the work but perhaps not gained the experience. No test or assessment just a qualification.  That might sound quite attractive but don't forget you have to go out there and put your qualification to good use.

So what you could be looking for is someone who when you first speak to them, shows an interest in you,   Someone who takes time to explain things to you in words that you understand and is prepared to answer your questions.  Someone who feels confident enough in their approach that they have no need to pester you to join the course.  Someone who is working with you and giving you personal attention with small numbers in the group so that you do get regular and individual attention.

So to summarise:

You are the product

Avoid the Big I AM's

Avoid the Put Downers

Avoid the Chasers

Look for the ones who show an interest in you.


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