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A lot of the things we do at the Mind and Body Centre are about stretching.

yoga classIt's is fairly obvious that if you stretch your muscles they become more flexible and you move more freely even when you are not stretching.  There are fantastic  health benefits associared with keeping your body and muscles stretchy and suppke.

 Going a little deeper, Yin yoga is able to reach beyond the muscles to the joints, soft and connective tissues.This is extrememly useful for joint health and care.

Other things that can benefit from a good stretch:

world in handsYour perspective, especially in this current climate, being able to see things from more than one perspective can be very useful and enlightening.  They say that travel broadens the mind ....and thus stretches your zone of refernce.

Your imagination, the more you can imagine the more possibilities you can create for yourself and your world begins to open up for you.

But most of all the one things that you can stretch, ....that is the one thing that most people shrink from ... is your comfort zone.

Stretching your comfort zone mneans putting yourself into situatiosn that you don't feel comfortable in.  Doing things that would normally make you squirm.  The more you stretch it the looser it becomes and the more situations start to fall within it rather than on the outside of it.  In other words less things make you squirm.

One of the things that make many people squirm is taking a look at the  restrictions that they impose upon themselves.  The fear of addressing  the cause of limitation and resiirction in ones life is almost like an invisible cage.

A course of therapy can liberate and open the cage, but often  enbarking on therapy means stretching that comfort zone and beginning to open up.  It also means facing emotions that are lurking beneath the surface and taking them on rather than hiding from them and pretending they're not there.

Once you decide to brave the stretch then you can fairly quickly see a liberation of your emotional restrictions and find yourself doing things that you never believed you would be able ot.

So come on 1  2  3  streeetch

Andrea Lowe Senior Hypnotherapy and Course Tutor



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