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This fantastic foxglove must be the best that it could possibly be.  It might be a freak of nature but it has produced a very impressive flower.

As we approach the last vestiges of confinement and like a butterfly tentatively feeling its way out of its restricted cocoon we need to slowly emerge checking out the safety of the enviroment we are joining. It's like nothing we have known before. Now while our mind is less cluttered with social commitments, shopping trips to replenish a jaded wardrobe and all the other things that have been put on hold is it not time to ensure that we emerge as the bestx version of ourselves we can be? Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keeping in contact with ourselves by continuing to relax regularly and contemplate, practise self analysis and self enquiry and develop your intuition all help with finding to true you.

We have seen some great changes in the world due to the covid and the lock down, especially at first: climate improvements, nature blooming more than for some considerable time as it is left smog free and uncontaminated, more care and consideration for others, noticing others and especially the ones alone, generally with a few exceptions we have become a much more caring and compassionate  country.

Let's not lose that.  Let's hang on to those feelings of self-worth, self-knowledge and self-preservation as we emerge into a much more distracting and demanding world.    Let's start to really develop all those intuitions and beliefs that keep us strong and firm in our commitments.  Let's see the unreal world that is about to attack us for what it is - a passing moment or two of distraction and unimportant nonsense that we get caught up in.

Ways to develop reality:

  • Relax and let your mind be free - sounds easy but it's not.  Find a quiet place to relax and be at peace, undisturbed.  Lie and think of whatever comes into your head, let it pass through.  If it is disturbing or a nagging that you are wasting time try to ignore that and let it pass through.  The more you do this the better you will get but it is not something that happens overnight and it can get tedious whilst you are waiting.
  • This is a bit more difficult - next time  something disturbs you whether it is one of those oops shouldn't have said that, or a criticism, or a suspicion or basically anything that makes you feel m disturbed, uncomfortable .. then take a few moments to assess what you are experiencing i.e. in your body  is there tention or weakness, vulnerability or fear.  In your mind what are your thoughts, what do you relate them to which kind of negative reaction.  Try to allow your mind to relate to other times when you may have felt similar and just let that lay with you.
  • Reading a story, watching a film, hearing of an incident that leaves you with emotions.  Sit with the enotions, relax and let your mind do the rest.  You are aiming for your mind to take you to your personal experiences that have had that same reaction on you.  This will take an long time working one it but it is well worth the commitment if you can get a better understanding of yourself at the end.
  • For more ideas and to work with others in realising some of these freedoms enroll on our Heart and Mind course starting very soon om Zoom.  Lasts for 6 months 2 evenings per month and at half price really too good to miss.  £180 instead of £360
  • Phone for more info or simple give feedback about your experiences whilst working through some of these issues.

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