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This is an appropriate time to look at one symbolic meaning of Easter.


As you crack open your Easter eggs, think about the chicks emerging and tapping their way out of those shells, consider how much effort and discomfort they must feel; how much fear maybe they feel at being trapped; they may have an awareness that they won't be able to continue breathing for long.  Yet they put all their effort into that escape whilst we look on and marvel. Those that can't put in the effort fail to survive. 

The reason I believe it is a good time to reflect on the symbolism of this is that we can often relate to some of those uncomfortable emotions.

Many people are in an egg shell of their own.  They have an invisible protective shield around them that keeps them safe from harm but also restricts them from moving forward freely through their life.  They stop and examine every little thing that might effect them, consider every conversation and whether they should have said 'that'; suppress their anger and harbour it;try to please other people above themselves. They feel vulnerable.

Their behaviour is  influenced by this shell making them appear to be defensive, submissive, manipulative, cohersive, agressive and more.  Yet they just feel that they are staying safe.  Like an egg they feel that if someone gets to close to them and gives a tap in the right place then the inner substance flows out, flows away leaving them empty and destroyed emotionally.  

Yet if you were able to hard boil the egg and emerge from the shell you would have taken away your vulnerability.  You are now able to stay together even if people tap you in the right place.  You may suffer a little but like the hard boiled egg you would quickly bounce back.

Sounds simple enough. 

Yet breaking your shell is the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life.  Emerging from your protected invisible behaviour 'shields' with freedom shining ahead is profound. It's a never ending journey as the sheilds are removed one by one over time.

It's worth the effort it really is.

Andrea Lowe

Senior Hypnotherapist, 

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