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walkingThe country is on an economy drive.  There are fears that a rise in petrol costs is on it's way and the knock on hits almost everything eventually.

One way to help with this would be to walk more.  Not only is it good for your pocket - also good for your health.  A brisk 20 min walk every day could help to save your life.  Why not make a pact now to save your petrol costs and walk a little more. 

Walking also helps you to learn to breath more efficiently and increase the oxygen intake into your system.  This gradually builds up until you begin to feel the fitness within.

I know that some have to drive to work and that walking takes a lot longer.  Planning can incorporate the time consuming walk into your regime and the time you gain on this earth may be well worth it to you.

Here is a calculator to see how much your petrol is costing you and how much it would cost if the price went up.

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Let us know how you have got on in your walk more and save petrol/money - your experiences could be an inspiration to others:
Some ideas for walking more:

  • If you work too far away to walk or riding a bike is not good then just park further away and make it a longer walk into work from your car.
  • Work out how much you are saving by walking and put the money away - plan what you are going to spend it on.
  • Make sure you walk out at lunch time even if it is only around the block.
  • Incorporate a step counter into your routine and see if your steps are increasing as time goes by.
  • Encourage your friends and family to also walk a little more.
  • Form a lunchtime walking group with some of your colleague at work
  • Take your family for a walk in the evenings.

Please add any ideas you may have for helping with the walking blitz.

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