Halloween and vampires

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If you are thinking of going to your Halloween Party later this month as a  Vestal Virgin, then  it would be prudent to  ensure the string or garlic is well embedded around your neck.

Peter Pan would be equally dangerous as it turns out that those vampires were not far off the mark and  the fountain of youth may be closer than you think

Research at Havard has shown that injecting  (mind you not drinking) the blood of young mice significantly improved the status of very old mice. It seems that it works on the brain mainly and was found whilst trying to find a cure for Alzheimers.  The belief is that if the Alzheimers can be caught early enough it can be stopped.

Of course, this age old fascination with taking blood from the young has been tried many times before and hence the vampire stories.  One man notoriously injected himself with the blood from virgins but found no improvement.

However, turns out  he wasn’t quite  dedicated enough and to be effective needs 5% off blood being replaced with  ‘young blood’ 8 times over the course of a month.  Not only can Alzheimers  be halted but the memory and mind can become sharper too.

But if it is all in the mind then is this going to be the next big development in hypnotherapy - similar to the gastric band  therapy for weight loss?

Many implications spring to mind for a real live process - will people have more children to ensure that they have a constant supply of fresh young blood as they age? Will students be selling their blood to pay their college fees?

We await  more news.

Andrea Lowe

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