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No it's not a new messaging service we're introducing:

Sniffing it can improve your memory by up to 73%

From Shakespeare singing the praises of the memory enhancing effects of Rosemary research has now produce good evidence to suggest that it is in fact true.

Sniffing Rosemary (the herb I hesitate to add) in any form helpw with future memory - so that's remembering to do something at a specific time, remembering what you did go into the other room for etc.

It doesn't just help with memory though.  Rosemary is and excellent mood uplifter and it is said to keep you young.

It's said to help with pain relief although any natural pain relief that you take only goes so far and you need to do lots more by taking several herbs and foods that are good for pain relief and pretty much all the time too.  If you do tackle pain in this way it can at worst mean that you need to take less pharmaceuticals and at best begin to help you to cope without any drug intervention at all.

It's also anti bacterial and great for the digestion.  It's  a diuretic amd liver detox (Hippocrates used to use it for this).  It increases your circulation and majes your breath smell sweet and it boosts your immunity.

Making a fresh herbal infusion is aa great way to use Rosemary and you can add other herbs too.  Drinking dried herbs just doesn't taste the same.  Use it abundantly in your cooking, it's similar to sage, burn Rosemary incense for an uplifting and and alter atmosphere, use Rosemary essential oils in the bath or burner.  If youa re using pure essential oils in the bath they will just float so use a bland bubble bath or some creamy milk to break up the molevules and let them get to your body in the water. 

We will be making good use of fresh Rosemary for the after class drinks so don't forget to come along to classes and get uplifted in more ways than one.

We have Rosemary growing in our garden and will bring some in if you let us know next time you are in the centre. I like to patiently pluck a few of the little flowers that spring up around the end of the branches and add them to salads.  it gives a mild Rosemary flavour and fragrance that is more acceptable to eat raw in a salad.

We also have a pure Rosemary incense priced at 75p or Auroshika or £1.25 for the Stamford  range both are pure and hand rolled.

Caution if pregnant as there are contra indications for this herb when taken in a medicinal dose.

P,S, Don't forget to share this with you friends ... if you can remember who they are! 


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