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Back in the day when you were ill there were lots of remedies available to help you get better.  Not only that but there were regular seasonal precautions that were just simply part of life,  Tonic to prepare for winter, preparations to cool you down for the summer months (I think there was summer then).  People relied on themselves and went to the doctor as a last resort.

These days it seems to have turned on its head.  Pharmaceutical companies are reasearching all the time to develop new drugs to combat each and every complaint imaginable.  They have done some fantastic work in certain areas but on the money trail they have tried to make our health perfectly comfotable and undisturbed.

Well in the interested of a visit to the dark side to appreciate the light the the odd mild illness now and then has got to be good for us, for our immunity and our psyche.

Yet we turn, straight away, to the pharmaceutical solution which is super fast acting in many cases, so we can get straight back on with our lives without interuption.  Yet those very things that we take most often have nasty side effects, that gradually introduce new discomforts, for which there is an eqully fast and effective pharmaceutical waiting on the sidelines. And so it goes on until your body can no longer cope with all the wellness that the drugs are promoting for you.

The alternative is to take a natural approach.  Many drug are developed from examples in nature  being  chemically replicated  in a much more intense form anyway.

The trouble is,  the natural way is a milder and more long drawn out way but many would argue that while you are drawing out your recovery there is also a good chace that you could be prolonging your life.

There are certainly some cases where pharmaceutical drugs are neccessary and pain in once such instance where if it is of a certain intensity the stress to your body and well being is more damaging to you than taking pain killers, but there is nothing wrong with attempting to take the minimum that you need and introducing natural ways to supplement and possibly  cut back on your drugs.

When taking natural sustances for any condition it is not good to take too much of one sustance and so it is essential to take several sources diligently so that you have a constant supply of the enhancing natural remedy in your body.  Eventually (and it could take several months) you will find that you are developing  a resistance to the condition to you trying to combat and it may be feasible to cut back on any drug.  This should always be done with the cooperation of your doctor or consultant.  Unfortunately some are not willing to cooperate but many are very pleased that you are interested in self-help.

It is now recognised that for most conditions your mind plays a big part too.  If you allow the condition to dominate your life you will feel it more intensly and therefore need more medication.  However, if you are determined to ignore it as far as possible and carry on with your life as best you can the intensity will be less.  An example of this is with children who get a bump and cry.  Distracting them or even choosing a designer plaster to apply distracts them from the hurt.  Cuddling and sympathising prolongs the crying.

While a bit of both is nice it is true that if you are thinking about the pain or discomfort you feel it more.  Hypnosis for pain works on this principle.

You can take natural fresh herbs as an infustion for instance or you can take in the form of supplements that, if they are of practitioner qualitiy have carefully measured doses.

You really should take great care though and ask advice or seek a consultation with a nutritional therapist or herbalist if your condition is complicated.

Some herbs have contra indications for some conditions and therefore should be avoided.

 if you have any particular condition that you would like to share and get some advice on then put the details below and we will do our best to give yuou some guidelines about what could be helpful but we cannot give specific advice on line and any advice would not replace a consultation with your medical professional.




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