Has the recession changed your lifestyle?

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holding handsIf you are one of the people who are suffering from a reduction in real income and you are feeling badly done to let's take a look at what is happenihng.

For several decades we have been money orientated and lifetsyle conscious, trying to keep up with the latests gadgets (impossible as there are new ones out all the time).  We have focused on getting a good job with a good income, status and everything that goes with it.  We have become stressed, ill and out of touch with our real selves.

It's not all lot to do with any govenrment for any of it (although they have certainly been influencial) and we have certainly been encouraged to chase the £'s and borrow borrow borrow - but it's all in the stars and as a peaceful Aquarious is slowly becoming our influencial planet we are almost being forced into paying attention and taking life more slowly and  less seriously.  We have spent time focusing on the material things and now it is time to focus on ourselves and our spiritual well-being.

The more spiritually progressive and flexible amongst up will embrace this new opportunity with a  big hug and implement changes to their lifestyle and work/life balance finding satisfaction and pleasure in the simpler things in life.  (And jst look how mother nature is supporting us with a fantastic Summer and a georgeous Autumn).

It is the ones who are hanging on to their idealistic views of what their life should be like and what they want from life materially that are going to suffer the hardship.  Obviously the more you have the more you might lose and so for once the people with little are in a stronger position than the fat cats out there who are living in materialist heaven.

Make no mistake - the big change is here and it is the little people who are going to be the influencers of the future.  So start your journey here.


Andrea Lowe Hypnotherapist

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