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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have been organising a great open day event on the 10th of September. The times are between 10am and 4pm and is located at the Mind and Body centre.

    There is lots planned for this great open day and I am really excited about it. There are some wonderful free goodies available on the day such as a free zinc deficiency test (if you want to know what zinc deficiency does go to the bottom of this page) There is also free fresh home grown herbal teas to taste (not like the old dried up types that are found in the supermarkets) with this there will be a explanation on the qualities of these herbs. On the day there will also be a fantastic free taster session of one therapy. And on top of all that you can buy vegan food supplied by Barley Twist l. Haven't I done well?

    So if you want to experience all these things and have all these great benefits of this great day then buy your tickets they are only i said only £2.50, and just so i can get a accolaide fo alrl the hard work i have been putting in, if you pre book your ticket i will personally give you a 20% off voucher to spend ongoods the day (this cannot be use in conjunction with any other offer).

    Zinc deficiency:
    If you have energy levels that are going up and down leaving you feeling tired and a bit low, or maybe you are getting lots more colds and viruses, or your body does not heal as well as it used to, or maybe your food doesn't taste as goodl as you used to. All these can point to a zinc deficiency.

    n the day you can come and have a free zinc deficiency test which will enable you to see if increasing your zinc intake could improve your life!

  2. Morrissey makes festival go meat-free

    Singer persuades Lokerse Feesten in Belgium to embrace 'catering challenge' and go veggie on the day he performs

    source, Friday 10 June 2011 

    Morrissey with cat
    'A welcome catering challenge' ... Festival bans meat for a day to bag Morrissey. Photograph: Jake Walters for the Guardian

    A Belgian music festival will go vegetarian for 24 hours to appease headliner Morrissey. Lokerse Feesten has banned meat from its food stalls on 4 August to celebrate the arrival of Manchester's most famous animal-rights activist. 

    Festival organisers had long "dreamed" of booking Morrissey, they said. "Many months we worked on it, for weeks we waited for an answer, many nights were spent sleepless." At last, the former Smiths singer agreed, but with one stipulation: on the day he performs, the festival will be meat-free. Bosses called it "a welcome catering challenge".

    The result is an imposed "healthy break" at the festival, with organisers planning "an array of vegetarian dishes". Gone are the horse-meat sausages and, er, snails. Instead, we assume, festivalgoers will enjoy hummus, roast peppers and tofu burgers. Food stalls outside Feesten grounds, organisers warn, "are not affected by [the meat-free edict] and will offer their usual products".

    A vegetarian since he was 11-years-old, Morrissey has been a staunched advocate of meat-free eating and animal rights. He has boycotted Canada due to the country's annual seal hunt and walked off stage at Coachella festival in 2009, complaining about the aroma of barbecued meat. "I can smell burning flesh," he told the crowd, "and I hope to God it's human."

  3. We have just returned from a fantastic weekend at our first retreat in Ellesmere, Shropshire,  We got excellent feedback without exception and from seasoned retreaters.  What we liked most was getting to better know the Yogis who have been regularly coming to our classes, some for several years.  Some people have never met as they attend different classes.  It was also lovely to see how easy it was for everyone to integrate into the group.  We were really impressed by the openess and friendliness of all participants.

    On the first evening we took an orienteering stroll around the 10 acres of grounds which led us through woodland, kitchen and herb gardens, the sunken garden and the lawns.

    Here are some of the pictures:

    Yoga on the lawn

    Yog on the lawn

    yoga on the lawn 2

    It was undescribably  exhilerating to experience yoga on the lawn surrounded by a backdrop of nature.

    Taking a break in the conservatory

    Taking a break

    taking a break 2

    Casual breaks in the sunny conservatory with fantasic views over the grounds.

    Walking the labyrinth.

    Labyrith meditation

    labyrinth meditation2


    establishing intent

    Walking the labyrith was inspiring for all those who tried it.  You can even catch someone taking a swing while they wait their turn if you look closely.

    Activities were almost continuous throughout the day and although people were encouraged to do their own thing most were up for the pre-breakfast yoga sessions and then joined in with all the planned activties throughout the weekend.  There was lots of room for choices and some took advantage of this with individual sessions in addition to the group sessions.

    We had coaching and hypnotherapy sessions in the library on the first floor (fantasic views from the bay window),  nutrition groups in the lounge and our light bonding activity sessions in the lounge too.

    Our laughter workshop was held on the old tennis court lawn, just next to the labyrinth and beyond that was the sunken garden where we intended to hold a meditation session but didn't manage to dodge the rain. The laughter workshop was a great stretch of the comfort zones leaving participants feeling empowered and liberated.

    Yoga sessions were also held indoors and the Yin before bedtime ensured that everyone retired relaxed and ready for sleep.

  4. change it 1 Enrol on the FREE trial of the Change It course here

    The course consists of 12 modules at monthly intervals each main module is followed by three sub modules.  Very simple to work with and with huge effects to the quality of your life and those around you - if you follow the simple techniques.

    Please comment on your experience with the first FREE trial module on this blogg.  Once you have enrolled on the course you will be able to discuss your experiences with pther participants on our dedicated forum