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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have been organising a great open day event on the 10th of September. The times are between 10am and 4pm and is located at the Mind and Body centre.

    There is lots planned for this great open day and I am really excited about it. There are some wonderful free goodies available on the day such as a free zinc deficiency test (if you want to know what zinc deficiency does go to the bottom of this page) There is also free fresh home grown herbal teas to taste (not like the old dried up types that are found in the supermarkets) with this there will be a explanation on the qualities of these herbs. On the day there will also be a fantastic free taster session of one therapy. And on top of all that you can buy vegan food supplied by Barley Twist l. Haven't I done well?

    So if you want to experience all these things and have all these great benefits of this great day then buy your tickets they are only i said only £2.50, and just so i can get a accolaide fo alrl the hard work i have been putting in, if you pre book your ticket i will personally give you a 20% off voucher to spend ongoods the day (this cannot be use in conjunction with any other offer).

    Zinc deficiency:
    If you have energy levels that are going up and down leaving you feeling tired and a bit low, or maybe you are getting lots more colds and viruses, or your body does not heal as well as it used to, or maybe your food doesn't taste as goodl as you used to. All these can point to a zinc deficiency.

    n the day you can come and have a free zinc deficiency test which will enable you to see if increasing your zinc intake could improve your life!