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  1. If you are thinking of going to your Halloween Party later this month as a  Vestal Virgin, then  it would be prudent to  ensure the string or garlic is well embedded around your neck.

    Peter Pan would be equally dangerous as it turns out that those vampires were not far off the mark and  the fountain of youth may be closer than you think

    Research at Havard has shown that injecting  (mind you not drinking) the blood of young mice significantly improved the status of very old mice. It seems that it works on the brain mainly and was found whilst trying to find a cure for Alzheimers.  The belief is that if the Alzheimers can be caught early enough it can be stopped.

    Of course, this age old fascination with taking blood from the young has been tried many times before and hence the vampire stories.  One man notoriously injected himself with the blood from virgins but found no improvement.

    However, turns out  he wasn’t quite  dedicated enough and to be effective needs 5% off blood being replaced with  ‘young blood’ 8 times over the course of a month.  Not only can Alzheimers  be halted but the memory and mind can become sharper too.

    But if it is all in the mind then is this going to be the next big development in hypnotherapy - similar to the gastric band  therapy for weight loss?

    Many implications spring to mind for a real live process - will people have more children to ensure that they have a constant supply of fresh young blood as they age? Will students be selling their blood to pay their college fees?

    We await  more news.

    Andrea Lowe

  2. Eating an apple a day migApple at workht in fact help keep the cardiologist away, new research suggests.

    A study in Ohio funded by the apple industry has been said to show remarkable results which seem to indicate that eating an apple each day for just one month lowered the levels of a substance linked to hardening of the arteries by 40%.  the study subjects were healthy middle aged adults. 

    As this research is not totally independant, being funded by the apple industry, it is worth keeping an eye on any further findings.  However, there can only be positive results from eating an apple each day so it is worth giving it a go - one of your five a day - but make sure you do rest on your laurels and take3 other preventative measures too.

    Apples currently are quite expensive and the supermarkets are now offeering inferior brands that are not quite so tasty and a few years ago would have been rejected - so they can offer a cheaper option.

    Before erating apples that are not organic it is worth soaking them in a bowl of water with a tablespoon of cidar vinegar.  Let them soak for a while and then wipe them dry carefully with a tea towel.  This will help to remove some of the chemicals on the apple skins.

    Read more about this research here

  3. laughterThere are many ways to give yourself a break and there are many types of break you can benefit from. here are some ideas:

    • Physical Break
    • Mental Break
    • Emotional Break
    • Responsibility Break
    • Technology Break
    • Health and Well Being Break

    We thought we would give you the opportunity to come up with some great ideas for giving yourself a break - any kind of break.  We're aiming to get at least 100 ideas and the most creative, enjoyable and accessible idea will get a prize.  So too will the 100th suggestion. Responses to a suggestions i.e. support for will influence the judging so feel free to comment on posted suggestions.

    Just a sentence will do or if you have a heart warming story that illustrates your suggestion go for that too. 

    We're eager ready and waiting so go ahead and share your knowledge.  Only we will know your email address which we will need in case you win and we do monitor all responses to prevent unwanted spammers.

    Get a prize for the best suggestion (add as many as you like) and a prize for the 100th suggestion too.

    First choice goes to the best suggestion.  Closing date - halloween!  Prizes to choose from  include:

    • A Laughter Workshop for you and up to 10 friends (T & C apply)
    • Your choice from a selection of books
    • An Aqua Detox
    • A tootsie Treats foot spa and electronic infra red massage
  4. sad

    With the onset of Autumn and the rapidly approaching Winter, SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers might already be starting to feel the effects of a dull wet end to the Summer and increasingly shorter days and poor light.

    This all sounds a bit negative but even if you have not prepared for the effects of SAD in the late Summer, which is always advisable, there are a lot of effective things you can do to try and alleviate those blues feelings.

    If you have not already got them get some Full Spectrum Lighting in your home even if it's only where you spend most of your indoor if you read a lot get a FSL reading light bulb...if you're in the kitchen a lot get one here and a good place is in the bed room on a timer to come on at an appropriate morning time to kick start you into the day. Some people swear by them in the bathroom that helps them when showering and making up for work etc

    In addition to indoor light exposure make sure you plan to spend quality time outdoors everyday even if it's overcast....even overcast light is better light than indoor Christmas time is sometimes a peak time for SAD plan outdoor activity over the festive period too.

    Your diet may also be a major player in SAD....try to keep "junk" food to a minimum...simple carbs like biscuits, cakes, pastries, breads and sweets don't help much except if you want to gain unwanted weight....and its a good time to consider your wheat intake as this Winter wheat products are expected to sore in price due to poor global wheat harvests resulting from climate change effects.

    You probably already know that serotonin levels in the brain are important for regulating mood, sleep and appetite and to maintain levels be sure to have plenty of complex carbs such as fresh fruits and veg and wholegrains and other foods associated with serotonin levels such are chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and peanuts (so long as you are not intolerant to any of these)...a good time to eat these foods strategically are mid day to late afternoon... then to push the resulting tryptophan increase through the blood brain barrier try a little mash or small jacket potato for supper. If you are taking Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors check with your GP about increasing these types of foods.

    If you are often dull and sluggish it might help to maintain good protein levels as these boost dopamine and norepinephrine levels that help to keep you alert and sensitive to protein at breakfast as we notoriously neglect protein at this meal favouring packet cereals and toast like breakfasts...try omelettes, poached or boiled egg...cottage cheese...bean pate or nut butters on wholegrain toast....or bacon or turkey rashers. Top up at lunch with sensible protein intake. As the day recedes you protein intake is less useful....this is interesting when you consider that many people have a thumping big protein driven meal in the evening when their bodies are preparing for approaching sleep.

    Remember, you don't want to add to your stress levels by making drastic dietary changes all at once and if you really fancy something naughty but nice it might be important that you have it occasionally so long as you are eating well for 90% of the time. So if you are always thinking about chocolate cake or hob nob biscuits then to resist this desire can often make things worse...just keep things in proportion.

    If you are not on medication and want to use supplements remember that supplements are what they say they are... they only supplement a good or appropriate diet and ask your GP if they are safe with any medication you might be taking....

    So what supplements might help with SAD? There are many claims for many supplements and you may have to try several to find one that works well for you but the following have been shown to be helpful in nutritional circles.

    1.Essential Fatty Acids help with normal brain function and many other things these days so they are worth considering

    2. Vitamin B Complex helps maintain normal brain and nervous system functioning and can help with stress.

    3. The mineral zinc has been found to be deficient in people with depression...use the lozenge type and do not exceed stated dose.

    The thing about natural products and supplements is that it's often horses for courses and some people discover one that really helps them while it might not help a friend they know who also has SAD so it may help to work with a Nutritionist who can steer you throught the jungle with both foods and supplements.

    If you are on any medication consult with your GP or a health professional if you are thinking of taking supplements or making considerable changes to your diet.

    May I wish you good Winter health and well-being

    Barry Todd |(Nutritionist)





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