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      People are coming into the centre and talking about the books they are going to read over Christmas so we thought it would be a fun idea to find out what other people are reading.

    You never know it may inspire others to read the book too.

    So for our latest competition we are giving a prize for the most interesting or inspiring comments.  The prize will be that we will choose a book for you from our books on sale.  We will use your comments to pick something that we feel matches the things you look for in a book.  All you have to do is pop in and collect it.


    I'll start!

    I will be reading

    'The Spontaneous Healing of Belief' Shattering the paradign of False Limits by Gregg Braden.  I was attracted to this book because it is about quatum physics.  The author is a scientist and novelist who specialises in writing books that the average Joe Public can understand.  After seeing the film 'The matrix' I have always been fascinated by the possiblities.   The book is said to be showing evidence that dispells many myths and proves that heart felt beliefs can effect everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms we are surrounded by.  It proffers that our thoughts can change reality.  Well how will I know?  I am really excited by this book I have discovered.

    'Doppler' An Elk is for Life - not just for Christmas by Erlend Lee -  it says on the back cover that is is a deeply subversive fable about consummerism. existence and a baby elk called Bongo.  Sounds a bit whacky to me - right up my street.  What better time to read a fable than Christmas and it is a norwegian novel translated into English.   I am looking froward to a bit of quirkiness. Often foreign books give a new slant on life  - we will see. The fly sheet says that it is compelling and perceptive.  It also says that it's gentle approach looks at some of the harsher aspects of life.

    'Snow Drops' by A D Miller.  This is the fictional story of British Lawyer living in Russia.  He find the disregard for human poverity, homeless people who are left to die in the snow, off the wall night clubs and corruption in high places begins to corrupt him and his vision of life.  Led and encouraged by  his relationship with an enigmatic local he begins to lose sight of who he is.   I enjoy reading about other peoples experiences - even if it is only fiction.