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  1. You may have know for a while that there are  benefits to replacing your normal oil with cocnut oil.  Up until now it has always been an expensive exercise as it has been imported in relatively small quanities.  We were therefore delighted to find in a recent trip to Sainsbury's that they have tubs of coconut oil at a very reasonable price - so no excuses now.  We list below some of the benefits of using coconut oil in your daily diet.

    In case you're wondering coconut oil doesn't seem to taint the taste of the food at all, in fact it tastes fresher and cleaner when made with cocnut oil.  Even using as a spread it is tasteless and just adds that moisture to the bread or whatever you are using it on.  Of course if you are used to enjoying the taste of butter on bread or hot toast for instance it does take a bit of getting used to.

    Here are some benefits of using coconut oil:

    Do you suffer from sluggishness and feel as though you have no energy?

    Coconut oil will help with that.

    Fat content. The fat in coconut oil is of a type that is absorbed by the liver and converted into energy.  So in effect you are not taking fat into your system but are creating a boost of energy which will therefore aid in weight loss. 

    Are you heavy than you would like to be and do you have extra weight on your belly?

    Belly fat is very hard to shift but with a combination of exercise and cocnut oil it is possible to shift it - very important as belly fat is associated with heart problems.

    Is your brain not as sharp as you would like?

    These energy boosts also send extra fuel to the brain and this is especially useful in stressful times.  Coconut oil is said to help to eliminate the bacteria in your brain that makes it feel sluggish.  It has also been said to prevent nerve damage that causes problems like parkinsons, alzheimers, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

    Do you feel unbalanced in the nicest possible way)?

    Coconut oil has been shown to balance hormones, hence the value in hypothyroidism, balances glucose levels and  reduces inflammation (another important aspect for a healthy heart).


    We all need as many antioxidants as we can get and although maybe not the best source it is good to know that coconut oil provides them.  Reducing inflammation is also essential for your immunity.

    Breast milk contains  lauric acid which protects the baby from virus and bacteria, promoting a stronger immune system, in turn encouraging the body to more quickly recover from infections and other diseases minimising the use of medication.  Coconut oil is one of the few additional places where you will find lauric acid.

    Do you want to look young for longer?

    Beauty comes from within and coconut oil is said to slow down the aging process.  It is good for the skin both internally and when applied externally and can be used safely on babies and small children.

    Coconut oil is one of the good cholesterol oils that helps get rid of the artery clogging bad stuff.

    So whether it is for health or for vanity coconut oil is a great ingredient to include in your daily food list.  Rush down to Sainsburys and grab your tub.