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  1. We were very pleased with the attendance at our free Yoga classes on Saturday.  Especially the people who travelled quite a distance to support Mandy.   The first class was full and the second was almost full.  This was despite Jayne the schedulesd teacher being ill and a bit of confusion about whether the class was cancelled or not.  Mandy stepped in and took both classes.

    We are really grateful to the people who attended as they provided an invaluable experience for Mandy who is a trainee teacher with us on the Yoga Teacher Training course.

    She throughly enjoyed the experience once she got over her nerves too.

    We wish Jayne a speedy recovery so that she too can begin to experience the pleasure of the experience.

    We will be having more free classes so keep an eye open and get signed up soon.


  2. Competition to win a free yoga class.  Simples

    Just look at the picture below that has a number of pictures of Barry in Yoga postures,

    Look carefully and see how many poses you can spot Barry in.  Be careful some may be upside down postures, sideways or back to front poses (he gets himself into all sorts of positions!).  But they are all real postures and the orientation of each is correct. i.e. we've not turn the photo upside down (just Barry).

    Tell us how many you found and name them.

    The winner will be the first person out of the bag  who correctly counts the postures and names them.  Respond to this blog with your answer

    Competition closes 31st May or if there are no winners as so

    on as we get a correct answer after that date.  Check the blog fo

    r updates.