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    One of the conditions that I am most frequently asked to help with is Anxiety.  Anxiety can be very debilitating causing difficulties in the workplace and with personal relationships as well as having to suffer that nervousness and mild fear that seems to be there most of the time.

    Here are some ways that hypnotherapy can help to manage nd/or alleviate unwanted anxiety.


    If you can focus on the present moment, often called mindfulness, rather than projecting into the  future, based on past experiences your anxiety will lessen.

    Hypnotherapy can help by introducing new thought patterns that can be more beneficial than some of those old negative thought patterns.

    The mind is very powerful and taking more control over some of your thoughts can be truly amazing.  This is especially useful with specific fears and phobias when creating altrnative thoughts can have dramatic outcomes.

    Defining Your Inner Strengths

    Everyone has qualities and strengths that they are not aware of.  Sometimes a strength is hiding behind what you have always perceived as a weakness.  Small thought adjustments can present you with untold new strengths and resources.  For instance if you have always felt that you are over critical, the hidden strength you might discover is that you can be discerning and able to be relied upon to do a good job. 

    Hypnotherapy could help you to recognise some of these hidden qualities and see them for the strengths that they could be.  The way you see yourself will change as you change your thought processes.  As children we often get moulded into our beliefs about our weaknesses and sometimes have been misguided and suppressed.

    Mental Rehearsal

    Imagining yourself in a situation that is causing you problems and seeing a successful outcome and confident handling can have great effect when done with hypnosis.  The advantge of hypnosis is that everything is very compelling and images can be enhanced and made more attractive..  Luckily the mind cannot discern a difference in something that is imagined with full emotions and something that is real, so rehearsing an event beforehand wil give that same buzz as if you actually did it. Great for anxiety that is specific to a situation.

    It's Okay to not be happy all the time

    We spend our time trying to create a utopia life.  Our lives are precarious as is the world.  We would not be normal if we did not sometimes feel down, worried, in pain....  Yet we try to fight against the physical pain that we feel as well as the emotional downs.

    This fight creates a tension that effectively makes the original condition worse and can lead to health issues and physical conditions.

    Going with the pain whether that is physical or mental pain will at least prevent you suffering more than you need to and give you more space to discover a better way forward.  You will often notice a significant improvement and thoughts will pass through your mind more readiliy if they are allowed to be and not resisted.

    Whilst all this might seem like a mountain to climb for the consicous mind when in hypnosis it is a simple and quick method of making you more comfotable.

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