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  1. Actually quite a lot.  Without Marde Grass there would be no Pancake Tuesday.  The literal translation of Marde Grass is Tuesday fat and it was originally a day to fatten up with stodgy food stored  to prepare for the fasting of lent.

    As stodgy food slows you down it was  a time to develop patience and to prepare  for thoughtful reflection  the fasting period.

    Nowadays Marde Grass is a very different colourful celebration and pancake Tuesday is a lot healthier with lots of options for tasty treats rather than stodgy fill ups.

    So if you plan to come to our pancake celebration on Tuesday come as colourfully as you like and bring all your patience and thoughtful reflection as you wait for your tasty freshly made pancakes to be prepared for you.

    There are free activities for children too including a sample of Mindfulness for children which certainly fits in with the theme of the day.

    9th Feb just come for 11am - 7pm