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    If you've seen us offering a Kirtan evening you may have done a quick google to find out what the heck it is.  Now you know that we do offer some seriously whacky things occasionally (Yoga laughter workshop) so it might not be a surprise when google guides you to a page full  of pictures of lots (and lots)  of people all dressed in white or sometimes orange in what appears to be a religious ceremony.  Don't worry!!!

    As with many practises that have been around for a while the benefits can turn out to be additional and independant of the original devotional intent.  People, and as it happens science too has discovered that kIRTAN Offers serious health benefits to those who practise it. The meaning of Kirtan has changed as it's roots have passed through different cultures and beliefs.  You could visit a different Kirtan group every night and may not have the same exerience twice.  It's a kind of meditation idea for those who struggle meditate - the Kirtan  seems to do it for you!

    Taking a look at some of the beneiftis here which also offers a more Westernised picture of a Kirtan group - see what I mean no two groups are the same!

    Now for the science bit:

    Psychology Today magazine recently published scientific evidence that showed Kirtan helped with:

    Improved Blood plasma helping,  cognitive function, sleep, mood, and quality of life.

    Increased cerebral blood flow  helping with many aspects of memory. reducing symptoms of depression and improving chronic pain.

    So it's got to be worth a go.  Plus the fantastic benefits of sharing the whole experience with a group of like-minded people really does  give you that feel good buzz that can last for a few days.  So you see that's why we sometimes offer whacky off-the-wall stuff like Laughter workshops.  It's just to keep the Mind, Body and Spirit  tip top and bushy tailed.

    We currently offer Kirtan on sunday evening monthly.