Be more aware

One of the key things I've learnt while teaching yoga over two decades is that I like to give people a good reason for doing something. Research says that Yoga helps us to become more aware. So why, oh why do I need to be more aware? 

How would you like to see yourself more clearly and be more confident and creative? Make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively?

Be less likely to lie, cheat and steal! God forbid I hear you say!

Well with a little patience and perseverance you can apply your yoga practice with the aim of having these outcomes.

Yin Yoga is a good style to work with awareness because you spend longer in releasing meditative poses allowing for more profound depths of focus and concentration but once you have cultivated it then there's no reason why you cannot apply it to any yoga practice. 

Get into pose, let the body sink down into stillness and become aware of the sensations of breathing. For a while carefully watch the experience of inhaling and exhaling. Allow the breath to perform at its natural pace. 

Once you have done this for 2 minutes begin to broaden your field of perception to take in your bodily sensations. You can still be aware of the breath AND the bodily sensations and this will help you stay focused and deal better with distractions. 

Here's where the patience comes in. You may find it difficult to stay with this practice at first but stick with it. Over tme you will get good at it. Yes, even though some experts will tell you not to try and 'get good at yoga', (in the interests of moderation etc) with practice, you will get 'good at it' ! You will begin to see things more clearly (insights), be more creative and confident and maybe all those thngs we mentioned above. Good luck and best wishes. Barry




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