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Yoga & Spiritual Adventure Weekend in Wales 2, or 3 nights


Sunset on the beach  15 min stroll from the centre.

Come for two  2 nights Fri  - Sunday 1pm 28th - 30th June 2024

 3 nights Thurs - Sunday 1pm 27th - 30th 

2 nights £355    3 nights £445.  

OUR GUEST PERFORMER THIS YEAR  Circus fun with your feet firmly on the ground

Tucked into the foothills of snowdonia, overlooking the beach you can discover amazing peace, quiet and enchantment.

The overwhelmingly impressive thing about this venue is the absolute silence, broken only by the hourly chiming of a clock, the breeze rustling through the trees or the lapping of the sea .

Mainly single room accommodation the old house is quaint and cosy, the extensive grounds are a rustic thrill with a suprise around every corner.

P1010507 Early morning meditation around the fountain (everything is optional)  

Going for a walk in the grounds means meandering up hills and down again and probably losing your way along the way.  Memories of yesteryear around every corner retained.

 Climb up to the top of the hill for wonderful views of the beach and the amazing Welsh coastline.  Walk down to the quiet and expansive beach and experience the purifying health benefits of the ozone as we practice yoga  on the beach.

The grounds are packed with inviting corners to quietly meditate including two labyrinths and a fountain.  Our early morning meditations round the fountain have become a must do for some whilst others prefer a lie in before breakfast


What better place to practice yoga than in the peaceful stone walled chapel if weather prevents  the beach or the lawns (though it can be quite pleasant in light rain).


Amazingly these tranquil weekends away with nothing to do except relax and indulge can really  revitalise and refresh your raison d'etre, feeling more like a week away than a weekend.

Home cooked vegetarian food is served throughout the weekend*.

The privacy of single accommodation is available to all with a small number of twin or double rooms for friends/couples to share.

 beach yoga

Singing and mantra is just part of the weekend

Accommodation is homely.  There is a sink in the rooms while showers/baths and tea making facilities are dotted along the corridors.

P1010496 There is something very special about yoga outdoors and we take advantage of the lawns and beach whenever possible

Food is  vegetarian.  Please let us know if you have any special needs such as gluten or lactose intolerance or veganism and it will be accommodated.

*A typical menu for the day is:

Breakfast, normally 8.30am: Fruit juice, cereal, fresh fruit and toast with freshly prepared coffee, tea or a selection herbals, or collect your own fresh herbs from the grounds or herb laybrinth.

Mid morning break 11am with drinks as above and biscuits

Lunch 1pm:  Soup and a salad platter

Afternoon break:  drinks and cake

Evening meal 6pm: main meal and pudding often a nice salad.

In the interests of a smooth weekend please notify us on the registration form if you have any requirements  so that we can notify in advance about them.  Please go through us and not direct with any requests.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DRY RETREAT in order to get the full benefit of all that is on offer we  ask people not to use alcohol or other mood altering substances.

The value of this weekend is worth much more than the surpringly low tariff of £355 (from).


 What you can expect on our Adventures:

  • Make lots of new friends - we don't do cliques
  • Daily yoga class (at least one per day)
  • Meditation - early morning, late evening  and some inbetween
  • Walks to the village and beach
  • Everything outdoors as much as possible.
  • Time to yourself to do your own thing - we won/t  pressurise you to join in
  • Evening entertainment
  • Guided visualisation and Deep relaxation
  • Labyrinth walking - two available
  • Meditation and chanting evening
  • Flexibility for request activities - one to one therapy sessions etc.
  • Guest workshop (sometimes)
  • Probably the opportunity for a massage (extra)


We have people who have been coming to yoga classes for years but on retreat we find a different more relaxed side to them and it really is very fulfilling to experience this.

Please register on the form  ensuring that you include your contact details mobile, address and email so that we can contact you at all times.

If you want to reserve your place now you can do so with a 50% depost.  Please register here

 Please pay by bank transfer to:

Mind and Body sort code 09 01 28 a/c 03858382 using your name and 'retreat' as reference

or send a cheque to Mind and Body, 50/52 Bolton Street, Bury BL9 0LL stating clearly your name (if it isn't your bank account name) and retreat as the reference. (made out to Mind and Body)

You could also pay by cash, please ensure you get a receipt. 

T & C

To reserve we need 50% which is non reundable Completed Registration form is required to establish your booking. Please ensure that you fill in the registration form fully.  50% of balance to be received by 1st May 2024 The balance to be recieved by 1st June.

Cancellation: by us at any time will entitle  you a complete refund of any payments you have made.

By you:

Most people make interim payments.  The final payment must be made by last day in May  Cancellations will incur an admin fee of £30: full refund less admin fee and deposit will be issued for notifications by the end of February in writing (email or text) 50% refund (or more if we can sell on your space at full price) less admin fee for notification by end of April.

Have you registered

*deposit will be paid to the venue upon receipt.

Programme for 2024

The programme is very flexible and could change to accommodate weather conditions and other.

Thursday Evening

Arrival from 4pm

4.30 - 5.15 Post travel yoga class

After dinner Singalong with your song requests


7.30 Quiet medittion around the fountain come and join quietly whenever you like.

Option 8pm Guided meditation in the chapel

After breakfast -One hour Yoga session

After lunch A focusing exercise followed by meditative Walks  around the labyrinth.

Opportunity for a massage today too

After evening meal

A real treat to make your sleep deep and meaningful tonight.

7.30 to 10 o'clock  

Resorative yoga this is a relaxing yoga session giving you the chance to really experience that deep feeling of letting go when time flies by and you look forward to a comfortable bed to carry on with the experience.


Meditation options as yesterday

After breakfast

10 - 11 Scarf dancing:  Come and feel the elegance of moving in sync with flowing scarves. A little excercise too can only be good.

Carrying on with the flowing theme at just after 11 you can jooin a flow yoga class.

After lunch 2pm - 4pm we have a circus workshop. 

Juggling with scarfs and balls
Balancing objects
Spinning plate
Flower stick
Learning circus skills brings a real sense of achievement. The cross body movement and using both sides of the brain have been shown to improve neural pathways and improve cordination. It's a whole body work out which includes lots of eye and head movements which really taps into the vagus nerve. It's very difficult not to be present when you're doing any of the skills, so for me its definitely a moving meditation. I'm a person who likes to be active and creative and circus skills has given me that freedom. I love sharing my passion for circus skills with everyone.

(see below for benefits etc)


Stroll down to beach

Yoga on the Beach (weather and tides permitting followed by a meditation on the sound of the sea.

After the evening  meal

Sacred voices, chants, call and respond, kirtan and more - If you have instuments bring them to join in i.e. drumms, rattles, shakers etc.

8 - 9.30 Anther bedtime favourite - Yin Yoga to help you  prepare for a great sleep.


Meditation options in the morning

Story writing ater breakfast.  A celebration of our weekend with fond memories of a great weekend

11- 12 circle Yoga ready for your journey home. Togtherness.


Lunch and then homeward bound.

Kaths story of personal awakeening from learning circus skills

I was in my early 20s when I first tried circus skills, I went to an evening class run by Skylight Circus Arts in Rochdale. I'd just been made redundant and I felt that part of my identity had been lost; my confidence and self esteem had really taken a knock.

I learnt to juggle really quickly, the seemingly complex pattern was skillfully broken down into its simple parts. Next I tried the tight rope, unicycle and stilts, followed by spinning plate, club swinging and many more skills. It instantly felt good and my motivation and general well being improved.
I completed 18 months training with them and continued to work with them for the next 20 years; I still work as a freelance teacher for them and anyone else who'll have me. I have taught 1000s of people from all walks of life and performed all over the country.