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Spring Equinox Celebration and upper

Join us for a kick-ass Spring Equinox Celebration, where we'll embrace the arrival of spring with good vibes and great company.

spring equinoxWithin the circle of the year there is a pattern that repeats annually. Within this pattern there are four times of significance. Two times when the dark and the light are at their most extreme - solstices, and two when the dark and the light are equal - the equinoxes.  As we exist in the circle of repeating patterns our well-being and emotions are changing l  Learning how to get the best out of these patterns can improve how we see and feel our lives.  Appreviating the wonders of natures as it guides us tthrough these changes can be comforting and settling.

With a selection of rituals and activities we will expore and allow oursleves to let go of the chain that we sometimes find are hoding us back and experience the freedom of embracing life.

Afterwards we will enjoy a plant based buffet style supper using ingredients that reflect the season.

Come join us for this groovy Spring Equinox Celebration at the Zen Lounge! Get ready to embrace the changing seasons and welcome the vibrant energy of spring. We're located at 50 Bolton Street, Bury BL9 0LL, UK. It's going to be an amazing in-person event that you don't want to miss!