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Chakra series Base Chakra

There are so many aspects to the chakra - sounds, smells, feelings, food, posture, colour, thoughts and much much more.We will bring each chakra to life for you so that you can experience it fully. 

Expect an activity packed day with for example, meditation on the chakra related colour, understanding  the influences of the chakra, how to use colour and sound to improve the chakra, how to identify your weak and extra strong chakras, how to  to  stimulate or calm  the chakra, yoga postures that stimulate or calm the chakra, breathing techniques,  drinking in chakra energy ... the list goes on.  We will take the most significant  activites and topics that relate to each chakra for you to experience.

You will use creativity to explore the chakras and release some of your innermost energies.

The aim of the course is that you will have fun.  We would also like to think that you will have the ability to identify your own inbalances and have a toolbox of techniques to help you.   You may also be able to recognise the imbalance in the chakras of others and thus improve your communication skills by recognising this and adjusting your expectations accordingly.

Cost of the workshops will be £  which will include  a colour themed 2 course lunch -healthy balanced meat free.

You need to book in advance.  You don't have to come to each workshop but if you do book them all you get the last one free.  Numbers are limited to 5.  

Sessions will run on the 1st Sunday of the month for 7 months. Starting March 6th.  10.00 - 4pm including lunch

Dates of workshops as follows:

1st Chakra   Mar 6th

2nd Chakra  Apr 3rd

3rd Chakra  May 1st

4th Chakra  Jun 5th

5th Chakra  Jul 3rd

6th Chakra  Aug 7th

7th Chakra Sept 4th