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Yoga Nidra Part 1 & 2: An Introduction to Yoga Nidra and practical.

Yoga Nidra simply defined means Yoga Sleep and it is said that half an hour of Nidra practice can be equivalent to 2 hours sleep or more.

Nidra could be classed as a tantric relaxation practice but it has a unique benfit.

Nidra undertakes to close down all our physical sensory pathways to attain bodily relaxation but also frees our mental and emotional centres of those things we have created or experienced over time that can worry or disturb us even below the threshold of our sensory consciousness. 

With the above elements in suspension the brain can be more receptive to positive suggestiion and this is where the "sankalpa" comes in. The sankalpa is a positive resolve that we make at the outset and close of the Nidra process. We choose a resolve that it within the bounds of your capability but one that presently illudes us.

This resolve can be as specific as eating more healthily or saving 10% of your weekly income! Or it can be part of a long term plan that has something bigger at the and builds over time - such as learning a language or algebra.

In Nidra the brain works only with our audio sense i.e. we listen alertly to a voice of instruction. Following someone's instructions while we are deeply relaxed might sound disturbing but the great thing about Nidra is that you could create your own script and listen to your own voice if unable to find a trustworthy instructor.

This workshop will look at how Nidra works and why it works and will give attendees the opportunity to practice a short and long Nidra during the session.

This full day of Yoga Nidra or Yoga Sleep will look at how Nidra can be used as an effective relaxation tool and how the Sankalpa (Resolution) in Nidra can begin to bring subtle and effective benefits to your life.

Part II (after lunch) will look more deeply into Sankalpa Theory and how the effective use of sankalpa over time can bring profound changes to your yoga practice and evolution.

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm Cost £50 including lunch