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Beat Blue Monday


Blue Monday, the third Monday in January is said to be the saddest day of the whole year. Sometimes we get used to that curled up warm  winter cosiness and it's sometimes simply a stretch to think about shaking off the comfort and stepping back out into life.  We just need a nurturing kick start.

So we are aiming to offer an  an anti-dote to the blues..

We're offering a wellness day with lots of feel good activities going on:  

Details are still in the planning but there will be a

  • Yoga laughter workshop - guaranteed to leave you buzzing with feel-good chemicals.
  • A yoga mini class
  • An NLP mini' workshop
  • A Meditation session
  • A grudge dumping box to give you a clean perspective on the new year
  • A guided visualisation with music
  • A mini experiential workhop introducing Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Spnontaneous  including with Bilal, our physiotherapist, and our  new  psychotherapist, Alison.  Barry will also be available to host Yoga philosophy discussion, Lesley hosting discussion on Yoga to enhance your regular exercise regme and Andrea to host serendipity discussion.
  • Buffet lunch and refreshments.

We will be led by demand of course so there is flexibility in the programme. 

Advanced booking is essential.

Please do your best to arrive on time or let us know if you are going to be delayed as we may lock the doors if everyone is in workshop or activities.

Numbers are being limited so that everyone can do all the activities if they want to but no obligation if they don't.

Buffet will be vegan/veggie and healthy but please let us know in advance of any dietary needs you have. Allergies, intolerances.

Cost is £20 - reserve your space with a £5 deposit and pay £15 on the day.