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Paranormal Evening

brian hands 

Get your year off to a great start with the wow factor of this phenomenal show.
Tony is a registered friend of the museum of witchcraft and magic and has been interested in the paranormal since the age of 16. Throughout his life he has researched aspects of the occult and witchcraft, taking part in many paranormal investigations.
Here he brings his expertise to the table by presenting an entertaining evening od 'The Paranormal'.
Ever wondered what it is like to take part in an actual seance?
Ever wanted to use the ouji board?
Tony will safely guide you thrugh these areas and much more.
What happens wil be a REAL experience.
Specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.
Due to the nature of the event no alcohol will be served.
The paranormal show does not support or promote any religeon or religious belief and is for entertainment purposes only.
The show involves experiential group participation and is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.
If you have a heart condition or are pregnant or suffer from psychologial problems you are advised NOT to attend.
Show starts at 7.30 prompt. Supper will be served from 6.30 - last serving 7pm. Please be timely.
Cost £20 including supper. Limited to 20 people for a hands on experience. PLEASE NOTE: BOOKING CLOES ONE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS OR WHEN FULL