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Sound bath and holisitic day

 sound bath

A fantastic day no to be missed.  PLACES ARE BOOKING UP SO DON'T ELAY, BOOK TODAY 

Come on a journey of sound with us. Relaxing in the ambiant atmosphere and experiencing so many different and intriguing sounds from rattles to tuning forks to drums and chants.

Come and soak in the unadulterated sounds of gongs and the harmonious singing bowls.

As the sounds vibrate around the room you can experience the gentle energy cleansing of your body and your mind.

Begin with a gentle drumming and then experience the rebalancing and cleansing vibrations of the variety of energy as you relax and soak in the benefits.

Truly an experience not to be missed and leaving you feeling very refreshed afterwards for a few days if not longer.

Followed by scrummy buffet style veggie lunch in Zen.

If you have never been to a sound bath before it is an experience different from most other things. You lie on the floor on a mat covered with a blanket (or you can sit in a recliner if you have problems lying down) and let the sound waft over you and surround you - it is all encompassing and a really moving experience.

Topping that off with some delicious home-made food in Zen, buffet style, (Usually starter and main course) is a great start to your Sunday.

Meet in Zen first and then go for the sound bath in the Studio. If you have never been before you are welcome to come early and meet us first.

Please note: As this event can potentially get full we do need payment in advance.