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Yoga for Back Pain


Many people with back ache or aching joints are reluctant to attend yoga classes  fearing that the  practice will leave them feeling worse or irritated. There can be some truth in this as attending a regular yoga class where you throw yourself into the process because everyone else is doing the same thing can leave you feeling bruised and aching the following day. With this in mind I have wanted for a while to offer a yoga session that provides a more careful sequence with considered movement and lots of attention to physical awareness. This approach is well within the ethos of hatha yoga practice anyway but few teachers offer it probably because they believe that attendees want a more vigorous and dynamic experience unless they are offering restorative yoga in some form.

These classes will help you to start understanding your body more and develop a more heightened sense of physical and mental awareness so you can work towards managing your back and other ahces and pains. It will also help you to get on a better footing with your breathing and learn how to relax better.  

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