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Meeting your shadow self.

If you are one of those people who gets with the sentiment and makes a New Year Resolution every year - probably the same or very similar to previous years - and it last fora while then clunk it's gone again - then you might be interested in a new approach.
Rather than doing what you always do, small changes can be big differences to your life without all that trying
I've been helping people to change their lives since 1995 and based on this experience have put together a 6 week course that will help you to change your life in small and easy steps. called it Meeting Your Shadow Self, and I believe it can really introduce a bit of mind magic into your life. A perfect year to learn from the last one and look forward to the next.  Scroll down for more details about content.
The shadow is the part of you that chains you to old patterns, old beliefs about yourself and keeps you on the same negative path.
The classes will be discussion and experiental based and will include techniques of NLP and semantics introduced in a way that slots into your understanding rather than learning text book style.  My aim will be to introduce you to alternative thought patterns that become your established pathways.  I like to call this MInd Magic.
This 6 week course will help you to change your life in small and easy steps. Cost is £75* and you need to be able to commit to coming every week to get the full benefit.
*It is included in the class membership. Membership is paid monthly by subscription for which you get unlimited yoga, meditation, relaxation and associated classes plus the opportunity to catch up on any classes you miss at a time that suits you.