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Hypnosis is not Magic!

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You do it yourself naturally twice a day at least - just before you go to sleep and just after you have woken up.  At its deepest it is that inbetween state, where you not quite in reality but you not out of it either.  Its similar to day dreaming.

In that state you conscious rationalising mind is less intrusive and controlling than normal and you are more able to make contact with and influence your sub conscious.

The Self-Hypnosis course teaches you to relax into these same natural states deliberately, when you choose to and with awareness. Its almost like creating your own dreams for positve effect.

Some of the things you can achieve with self-hypnosis are as follows:

  • Relax and be calm

  • Enjoy better quality sleep

  • Improve your confidence & self-esteem

  • Be a better public speaker

  • Improve your memory

  • Enhance your performance at work and sports

  • Become healthier and fitter

  • Promote rapid healing and recovery

  • Control or reduce pain without drugs

  • Learn faster and pass exams

  • Enjoy pregnancy and wonderfully natural childbirth (women only of course!)

Learning Self-Hypnosis is just the beginning of an entirely new way of life.  

The course will be experiential and so largely guided by the group needs and it is planned that most of the following will be covered:


  • Understanding exactly what therapeutic relaxation is.
  • Relaxation at will.
  • methods of self-hypnosis
  • Power napping for increased concentration and revitalisation.
  • Constructing a positive affirmation
  • Working with positive intent
  • Analysis the problem and chunking it down to a manageable size
  • Working with dreams
  • Creating dreams

During the sessions you will be experiencing hypnosis and relaxation many times and will be lying on the ground.  We have mats, blankets and cushions but you are welcome to bring something of your own if you feel it would be more comfortable.

Starting soon

The cost will be £60 for 6 weeks running at two weekly intervals..

Empower yourself and take control of your life!