The Heart and The Mind - a course in being human

The Heart and The Mind




How much do you know about you? 

Do you understand where you are coming from? 

Why you reacte they way you do - sometimes illogically?

thinking Learn to understanding and appreciating who you are.

A foundation course of essential understanding  for the Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification

This course would also be a great tool for those managing or working with people.

Enjoy  interaction  with lots of exercises in self-discovery,  discussions and very little paperwork.



Gain a greater understanding of life and what it is to be human, the influences that we fall into and the life decisions that we believe we choose.

This course will take you on a journey of discovery.  As you travel through the labyrinths of the mind you will find answers to questions you didn't even know to ask.

It is a personal quest from which you will never return but will forever move forward, onwards and upwards.  You will be able to take more control over your own communications, influences and boundaries.

Learn how emotions corrupt logic. If there are good decisions, why are bad ones made?

It is an expedition that will introduce you to a great understanding of the behaviours, reactions and interactions of others as well as yourself.

Continuing onto the practitioner course is not compulsory.

Starting October   2021 and monthly full day with back up support on line for three months (36 hours). Small classes with personal attention (max. 4).  Certificate of attendance. 

Tariff £360 members 20% discount

No entry requirements.  Book now on line with a 20% deposit.

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