Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training 


Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy

A rewarding career with fantastic earning potential.

So you want to learn more about the very powerful effects of the mind ... and ways of using the mind to combat negative emotional responses.  

Helping people to harness the fantastic power of their own minds  has got  be one of the most rewarding careers of all time.  If you are looking for a new career with a 10/10 job satisfaction - Great News  - this course is for you.

And if you can earn yourself a flexible lifestyle where you choose your own hours and income level then it is surely the icing on the cake.

To be one of the big earners in hypnotherapy you have to be good at what you do and develop an enviable  reputation.

Is this the right course for You?

The next course is starting on 19th/20th January 2019 and will run monthly for 12 months.

Enrol early and attend a FREE monthly development session so you can be truly prepared for the course.  The earlier you book the more sessions you will be able to attend.

You can learn all the techniques in the world and you can have enough qualifications to paper a room... but if you don't have the confidence to use them effectively,  or you are not a master of the process, then that is all they are .. wall paper. 

This course gives you all the tools you need to reach your own personal best  but more ..

As it is spread over a year and you attend one weekend per month, then you have the time to let the information and understanding assimilate.  You will be encouraged to note how your understanding of life, people and the mind changes over that period of time  and you will find  that your perspective on life changes too.

This is a slow process and one that will change your life for ever..  This course is aiming above all to help you to change the way you feel and therefore your reaction to life.  That might be to feel like a successful therapist or to feel great in the role you are in i.e. mother, manager, colleague etc.  probably in reality all of the above.

One thing is for sure, on successful completion you will have been through a bespoke process aiming  to bring the very best out of you - we are proud to certify the very best of hypnotherapists.


email me now for a prospectus and syllabus [email protected] or ring my mobile 07926 044414 please text if there is no reply and I will call you back.

Please ring 0161 764 1440 for an informal chat to discuss how this course could be just right for you.

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Questions to ask yourself:


1. Do I want to learn the tricks of the trade of a hypnotherapist or do I want to learn how to BE a hypnotherapst.?


If you do not understnad the difference then this course is probably not for you at the moment - maybe try the foundation course..


2. Do you want fancy presentation methods and glossy brochures within a roomful of people?


This course is participant centred with a maximum of 6 so you get individual attention.  It is experiential in nature so that you are not just learning about a concept but also experiencing it for greater understanding. You do get a course file and it will become filled with notes. Although we have a skeleton syllabus we do not stick to a strict format but adjust the content to fit with the needs of the participants.


3. Can I progress from this course?

This course offers a smooth link to a Master degree in Hypnotherapy approved by the GHR
Completion of this course enables you to enroll on the Hypnoanalysis course after a minimum of 100 client hours.