Katey Roberts

  Kate Roberts is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Empowerment Workshop Facilitator. Kate discovered Kundalini yoga during a retreat in Maui with Mastin Kipp and is especially passionate about the mantras and meditations within this powerful type of yoga as she has personally felt the magic of allowing and accepting ALL of the emotions it can bring up, to aid deep transformation. She doesn’t consider herself a stereotypical yoga teacher as she cannot touch her toes (!), but since Kundalini Yoga is mostly done with eyes closed, it doesn’t matter as it is an extremely compassionate yoga which allows you to have your own experience and find out what you need most for your own growth, development and healing without comparing yourself to others. 

Kate trained with the Sahej Academy in the UK and has attended classes with Maya Fiennes in Hawaii and Gurmukh in LA. It is her mission to inspire love and acceptance in everyone (including herself), which she encourages through connection, empathy and humour in all of her work.