Activities Programme


Our latest on line programme. You can find current classes on the booking calendar. 

No need to  stick to timetables, why not design your own using our on line catch up service. (members)

Scroll down for some fab comments from our regulars:

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 Jump to the early Relaxation and Motivation session - just 20 mins should do the trick.
Use catch for an on-demand Yoga session
Or select a live lunchtime power relax - a cheeky 15 mins of deep relaxation clears your mind forthe  afternoon. 
Chill in the evening with  on demand Yoga  or  knock yourself out with a Deep Sleep relaxation

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Wake up Relaxation  with Positive Motivation to fire you up for the day ahead.

Lunchtime 20 min Conscious Breathing to freshen the mind

Gentle Mindful Hatha yoga in the evening 
*changed periodically and not live every week.


Early meditation

Lunchtime Relax and revitalise with a guided Deep Muscle Relax

Spiritual Journeying Evening
An enchanting journey into relaxation where you will encounter wisdom  in the form of mystical guides to touch the deeply into your intuitive inner self.

Evening Mindful Hatha Yoga
Useful if you have been at a desk all day but equally useful if you have been on your feet.  This session will ease your weariness and bring you a fresh and relaxing start to the evening. Perfect for promoting a good nights sleep.


Morning Breathing Meditation

A full hour of Chair Yoga at lunch time
Get on a better footing with your chair. A great underestimated practise for desk workers. Perfect for muscular and skeletal realignment

Breathing - this session focusing on Breathing Away Pain and diluting pain.* (try before taking a pain killer) 


Early Meditation

Make sure you get a quality start to the weekend. This is your sigh of release as the working  week ends.

Yin Yoga The champagne of yoga to start the weekend.
And what a perfect finish to that week with releasing and nurturing Yin Yoga.  Relaxing into the postures for the indulgent extensions really does compliment the classes you have been doing throughout the week.

Breathing - Mantra, join us in mantra and chanting which improves your breathing when practised regularly.Improve your vibrational energy


10 - 11am Stimulating Hatha Yoga
Start your weekend with a great Hatha Yoga session.  The more you do  yoga the more efficient your breathing  becomes.  

11am - 11.30 Breathing - Colour Breathing for a whole body relaxation


6pm - 7pm Meditation and Chanting
A mix of spiritual actvities including meditation, guided visualisation, rituals, chanting sprinkled with an occasional pinch of singing and a poem or apache prayer here and there.  Normally a 2 hour monthly session in our candlelit Zen but during isolations its one hour on zoom (not available on catch up).  


Adam S says

I had a really demanding job  which involved trying to get people to work together  and get the right outcome. It was a toxic atmosphere and I was really suffering. I found I was often using my personality to persuade people and it was even more of a challenge on zoom when I couldn't do that.   I started using this programme also booking two or three one to one session and found that I was mentally feeling a lot better able to handle things.  I did decide I wanted to leave  and found another position miraculously in the midst of the lock down.   I believe that this programme gave me the confidence to present myself successfully.  I still use the programme even though I don't need it as much.  It keeps me level. 

Kate B says

I live on my own so the lockdown was a challenge in itself.  My job as a manager involves making sure that people are doing what they need to be, coordinating with other managers, setting targets and planning rotas.  The covid was a great challenges to us as the people on the front line needed to be very covid conscious and safe.  It was new ground and mistakes were made.  Tempers were fraying and eveyone was feeling vulnerable.   Personality differences were magnified and started to impact my mental health.  I found this programme and have almost arranged my life around it.  Looking forward to seeing the same faces regularly with the odd chat has saved my sanity.  I booked a few one to one session in the early days and they helped greatly.

We are currently running the following courses:

Yoga Foundation Course running alternate Saturday afternoons for 6 months.  NEW COURSE starting April 2021

Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Course currently running 1/2 day per week for 12 months on zoom. NEW COURSE  starting September 2021  (subject to covid requirements)

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course 1/2 day per week  (on zoom)plus home study for 12 months NEW COURSE starting September 2021 changes subject to covide requirements

The Heart and the Mind a journey of discovery and understanding of the human state. NEW COURSE starting April 2021
NEW Colour Therapy course starting March 2021 12 months 1/2 day per 2 weeks
NEW Working with Chakras  starting April 2021 7 months 2 x 1/2 days per month