Weighty wonders

healthy familyIf you are looking to acheive your desired weight whether that is losing a bit or gaining a bit, there are somethings that will be helpful.

Water - especially for losing weight, regular drinks of water will help to clear out the sludge and get your weight moving.

Exercise - even a little extra exercise is beneficial.  It doesn't have to be vigorous, in fact it is now generally accepted that regular amounts of gentle exercise is more beneficial than a vigorous workout two or three times a week.  So a brisk walk will not only help you to acheive your weight goal and increase your metabolism, it will also help the environment if you do it instead of jumping in the car and save you money in petrol.

Eating - the right foods for you.  If you feel you are eating a healthy diet yet you are not satisfied by it, or you are not losing the weight you believe you should be, it could be because, although what you are eating would generally be considered healthy, it is not the right balance of food for you.  Some slight adjustments to the food balance may help.

Vary your food and try to eat colourfully.  Raw food is more beneficial to the body and takes more calories to digest.

Some of the things we have that could help with your weight loss:

Nutritional therapy - to ensure you are satisfied by a diet that is tailored specifically to your bodily needs (some practitioner grade supplements may also be suggested if you are suffering from craving etc)

Hypnotherapy to get your mind thinking along the right lines.

Aqua Detox to give your natural detox process a kick start.

Massage in any form to stimulate the lymphatic process and eliminate toxins.

Reflexology for the same reason as a massage.

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