Absolute Beginners Week 1 postures

Downward Facing Dog

The postures below are both Downward Dog and this is a good pose for introducing some strength into the arrms shoulders and wrists while allowing the spine to lengthen. Start on all fours. Have the hands shoulder width apart with wrists under the shoulder joints . Knees under hips and as vertical as poss. flex the toes and rasie the waist bringing the body into a triangle position. Press the fingers tips into the mat to protect and brace the hands and wrists and if poss hug the shoulder blades to brace the shoulders. look back between the knees and push the hips back to ensure more weight onto the legs and less on the arms and this also allows the spine to lengthen. Knees can be bent (see pic variation) Hold for 5-10 breaths and repeat a few times if that feels ok. Note this pose can have contraindications for those with blood pressure or cardio issues. The bottom 2 pics show Warrior II which strengthen the thighs and shoulders and also the hips. Stand upright and then step back with the right foot as far as is comfortable for hips. Rotate the hips to the right so the navel faces approx towards the long right edge of the mat. Raise the arms parallel with the ground with the left hand over the left foot and right hand behind. turn the head to face the left fingers and then bend the front knee keeping the knee over the ankle. Keep the rear leg strong and straight.Hold for approx 5-10 breaths. Focus on the middle finger of the left hand. Repeat on the other side.


Child Pose - this is a useful closing down pose that enables you to relax and release and also focus on some abdominal breathing while the hips and back are flexing. Come to a kneeling position with the big toes touching behind and the knees open. place both hands on the mat and bring the head and upper body down to the mat and then relax. Holdthe pose for 1-3 minutes breathing slowly through the nostrils .


Tree Pose

The pic opposite shows the Tree Pose - a standing balance. This is great to assist focus and stablize the hip joints while also improving your sense of balance and orientation. Stand upright, bring your weight on to your right leg and then bend the left knee and lift the leg trying to place the sole of that foot against the right inside calf or if poss against the inner right thight.. Bring the palms together in a prayer like position and hold for 5-10 breaths or what you find possible. Repeat on the other side. Breath slowly. Try and focus on something approx 5-6 feet on the floor in front.