Want to gain control of your weight?

You are not alone and yet you are unique!

If you don't know what you could be eating that helps you to achieve your goals then there is a lot of information around about healthy eating and diets but not one is unique to you!. 

Honestly,  you might be one of those people who have tried  lots of them and know perfectly well what your ideal diet could be.  In which case you are probably feeling a little frustrated with yourself and your lack of commitment.  

If you don't deal with this you will be on a permanent rollercoaster of weight.

You may be one of those people who knows what they need to do but you are being thwarted by other needs in your life.

You need to decide whether you are worth more!

Last but not least in a funny way you may feel you are established as the dowdy/plump/homely member of your group of associates and are nervous about fitting in when you change - because change, creates change.  You are going to need to commit to changes in your life that will affect your everyday life.  That's maybe the hardest thing. Can you cope with the changes in relationships as friends and associates get used to the new you?

Questions to ask yourself:
Who am I doing this for?  Am I happy to  do this for someone else?

How will I cope with the change?  I have got used to feeling frustrated and failing, how will success be?

More questions:
Am I prepared to put my own needs first?

Will I be able to adjust some of my values so that I can change for the better and for the future celebrating my acheivement? My change benefits all!

Help is at hand

I will support you in achieving that lightbulb moment.  The time when you begin to understand yourself and recognise your needs.

You're not alone!

You will come to weekly meetings.  Don't forget these sessions are aiming to offer you insight into your needs and how the way you are satisfying them has become self-sabotage.

We will be looking at why certain foods are always a tempter for you, how to create a more active life without making big changes, what is comfort eating all about and much more.

Techniques used  could include: relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, mindfulness, healthy eating, the benefits of exercise and more.  Each session will be different according to the group needs.

Working together with others with similar aims and challenges is a great morale booster. Seeing someone acheive that lightbulb moment, when something clicks is truly inspiring and encouraging.


This is not about a quick fix every few months!   
This is about gaining freedom for good!

About the course:

A discrete informal weekly meeting in Zen coffee lounge planned for Wednesday evening.  Maximum 6 people.  Starting Wed 29th November and running weekly for 6 weeks, including during the Christmas / New Year week, just to keep up the focus. Each session will be a maximum of 2 hours.  Fee £90.  If you would like to arrange a chat first please text me to arrange a good time to call in.  Or you can book on line now. (My mobile is 07926 044414, don't forget to add your name and what it is about)