Make Your Own Bath Salts

This is a very useful bathroom product to add to your shelf.  Also with a little imagination can be made into a beautiful gift.  The purpose of a salt scrub is to remove dead skin, clear the pores and increase blood circulation to the skin.

Sea Salt

The body eliminates waste through the lungs, bowel, bladder and skin.  A salt scrub draws impurities and toxins out through the skin byosmotic pressure.  It is also antiseptic and exfoliating through its course nature.  using this salt scrub applies a strong local detoxifying effect whilst scrubbing and then on soaking the weaker saline solution soften the water and is the most balanced, least disturbing substance that can be applied to the skin, as it is cooling, antisceptic and cleaning.

Essential Oils

Choose from a list whose properties you want to include in your scrub and combine according to taste.  The example we will be using will be 2 drops of peppermint, 15 drops of grapefruit and 12 drops of tangerine essential oils.

Sweet Almond Oil

A highly saturated oil that is smooth, light and emolient.  It is said to be most like our skins natural oil and may be applied liberally to keep the skin moist and wrinkle free.  I can be heated to 163 degrees.

Infused Oil

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) is a circulatory tonic, invaluable for all cases pf poor circulation, aches and pains that come with cold.  the oil is used for cold joints and aching muscles and also has a reputation for strengthening the heart and calming palpitations.  Rosemary is a nerve tonic too and this combination of properties make a good herb for relieving the pains of neuralga.  Rosemary is also very uplifting.

Petals and decorative effects

Petals provide additional essential oils over time as they soak into the oils and add colour and vibrancy to the appearance as well as exfoliation.  In a similar way you can include dried citrus fruit peel chooped small and decorate with thinly sliced lime. orange or lemon dried in a warm over for a few hours.


Take 500 gm of find ground sea salt and place in a bowl.

Pour over 130 ml of infused ot sweet almond oil

Add petals or peel to taste remember the petals need to be cesned from the bath afterwards - so not too many.

Add essential oils (3% of volume is enough, however considerably less is needed to make a wonderful scrub - too much is not neccesarily a good thing)

Mix well and place in the jar.

You can get busy decorating the jar and labelling it if you are making for a gift.



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