Barry and I spend a lot of time thinking about and planning new things that we can offer to the lovely people who come to our centre.  We get suggestions too and we always follow those through. 

After following the trends of our regulars and listening to what people are interested in, here is a preview of some of the great ideas we have in mind for the fantastic NEW YEAR 2024.  Vote for any you like and it will influence which we run with.  Thanks

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Spiritual Conversation

It's easy around here for casual conversations to gather momentum.  I like to call this serendipity, the moment when a coincidence of interests takes place.  We are thinking people might value the opportunity to have some dedicated time to expand this.  Maybe with guest speakers occasionally to stimulate and inspire.

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Understanding Anxiety

We all have anxiety, it helps us to cope with life.  Sometimes that anxiety gets overwheming and sabotages our life.  It's not always everyones choice to have 'therapy'. It is helpful to talk about it and especially to others who have similar experiences. It's also good to be introduced to small changes that might make big differences

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Budding Writers and Poets

If you write or would like to, there are a lot of people around like you.  It's good to get support from people who understand the blocks, the confidences crises, the lonliness and much more.  This would be an opportunity to give and receive advice, to resd out your work or parts of it.  To sound off other people.

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Developing self-awareness

Looking for growth, to undestand yourself better, to give yourself more options.  We spend lots of time trying to understand many things including other people but forget or fear to get to know ourselves. It takes courage to step into that territory but when you are ready it is pure magic as you improve your life.

Help us out

Please let us know if any of the above are of interest to you by commenting on this blog.  Thanks a million.



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