Hypnotherapist consolidation


strengthen, make stronger, make secure, secure, make stable, stabilize, reinforce, fortify, tighten, harden, stiffen, cement, enhance

If you have completed a course in Hypnotherapy, whether online, a crash course or a tutor led course and ......

If you feel that you have not got what you needed out of that course. If you do not yet feel like a professional and competent therapist, then I can help to design a program to consolidate and supplement your learning enabling you to move on to become a professional, confident therapist.

You will then feel confident to ask for those fees that you maybe struggle with right now, confident to stand proud in the knowledge that you are one of the best your  field.

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Absolutely no Obligation!

You only take it further when you are certain that I can help.

If you believe that this  could  be of benefit to you then make arrangements to come and discuss your position with me.  Only after we have spoken if you then trust that I can improve  your professional approach to your work we can start to move your career forward.

This is a bespoke service specifically tailored to your needs.  Just like the bespoke tailor I cannot tell you anything about the process until I have met you face to face and assessed your needs.

It is very unlikely that you would be able to tell me exactly what I should do to make you feel better.  If you learned anything at all on your course you would know that the superficial response is rarely anything but a presenting argument.

I will be tough with you and I will get you kicking and screaming if needed to that improved  status you desire and incidentally the change will affect the whole of your life.

Don't leave that qualification representing your hard work unused.  Better paste it on the toilet wall than waste it completely! 


£50 for initial interview lasting approximately one hour - this will be deducted off your first session.

£300 per day for one to one coaching.