One of the most difficult jobs you can have is as a manager.  One of the worst is middle management, where you are literally trapped between what your managers are expecting from you and from your staff and the support your staff expect from you in response to your managers.  If is often a job where you are promoted with a good knowledge of the work but quickly see your role change from using your knowlede base to learning to balance and juggle .  Another tough area is the self employed who has been successful enough to employ a small worksforce.

In both these cases manaing people is often not what you are good at, doing the job that got you where you are is your skill.  It might go very well as long as you are dealin with reasonable and cooperative people.  However, when you get a number of people with different personalities, aspirations, fears, beliefs, attitudes, standards etc etc then you start to get unrest, conflict, feelings of insecurity, unfairness and the rest which eventually will start to effect work output and all this is simmering under the surface leaving you  blissfully unaware, wonderin why people seem uncooperative or lazy.  If you try to address it, then you get the melting pot of emotions poured over you and you become disliked - so who gets the brunt of it.  Why yes it's the person in charge - you.  Before long you find that those people who you used to be friendly with are now uncooperative, awkward and making your life a misery.  You find yourself spending more time worrying about having to deal with your staff or trying to ignore them and settling for shoddy work.  You feel as though your staff are in charge of you and are hodling a gun to your head.  If you are self-employed you have allowed yourself to become so dependant on then and possible devise their own systems so that you wouldn't know what to do if they left you.  As a middle manager you have the union, complaints procedures, legal implications and mass walk out hanging over your head.  You thought you were in charge - it certainly doesn't feel that way.

Of course all this is the worst possible scenario and hopefuly most people recognise that they need to do something about it before it gets this bad.

There are many ways in which I can help to make your life a little smoother and help you to gain that confident control that you aspire to.  By helping you to see the situation from an outside perspective can help.  Understanding  people  can also empower you.

Just having someone impartial that you can talk things through with is initialy a relief.  However taking it forward a weekly and eventually monthly meeting or phone call with support at the end of a phone if and when you need it can free up the time you used to spend worrying, give you more time to do your job and more time to enjoy your free time.

A confident and successful manager all round.  Give me a call to discuss what you would like to achieve.


Coaching session can be in person, on the telephone or by email, depending on which is most convenient for you.

Select the best coaching package for you.

If you have a problem that is isolated and just just need to clarify your mind:

A 45 min session (either personally or on line) and email support for one week £65

For a more in depth problem or attitude where more sessions will be needed .

4 x 45 min sessions over a month plus email support for 4 weeks £260

For professionals who need business mentoring and coaching

1 session per month for 12 months plus emails support throughout. £700 or £65 per month