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No will power required !

I can make it easy for you to quit!  Using my method of Hypnotherapy and a variety of other mind mastering techniques tailored to your profile will ensure success for you.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy is the most successful method of quitting*.  My method uses hypnotherapy plus a range of other methods tailored to suit your individual needs.  Fill in the form below to your handy stop smoking information leaflet.

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and you'll find it is remarkably easy to quit

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Process includes:

  • Analysis of your smoking profile.
  • A personalised hypnotherapy session tailored to your profile.
  • An extra session free within one year of your therapy session.

Please note that if you come with friends the session will be less personalised and  the back-up free session will not be available but an additional session will be available for the cost of £20 for one year following your therapy.

It's easy to stop with my method

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It's not magic

Hypnosis just helps you to change the way you think - so from a belief that you can't do without nicotine - see the thought change and wonder what you ever saw in it - it really is that simple.

What it is then?

Hypnosis is simply a form of deep relaxation, the skill of the hypnotherapist is to use that relaxation to get in touch with the parts of you that are believing in the cigarettes and to help you to think differently.  Much of my work is carried out during the profiling when I will be finding out what makes you smoke.

Andrea Lowe is a trainer in smoking cessation and developed the Smokebuster method of quitting for good.

The cost for the complete package is £135

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Some political facts about quitting

Forget addiction:  I'll show you that you are not.  If you believe you are addicted you will have a really good excuse to go on the way you are - and believe it's not your fault.  Then if you are addicted, tell me - why can some people stop just like that? 

There are many people who encourage you to believe you are addicted - but look who they are - drug companies making money from nicotine replacement, cigarette companies making money from you not quitting.

The government has been manipulated by the wealth of these companies and their vested interest research.  If Tetley's set up enough research they could present figures to say you were addicted to tea and if you drink tea you know how hard it would be to quit that little indulgence.

Advertising tells us various forms of Nicotine replacement therapy are 'twice? ten times? more effective' .  What exactly does that mean?

I have had people coming to me  'addicted' to the Nictine gum.

Fact: The government have set targets for quitting.  Those targets are based on helping people to stop for one month and even then the success rate is only around 30% at best.  The government recommend the use of Nicotine Replacement (NRT).
The ads. also tell you that you are having therapeutic nicotine!  If it's therapeutic why quit?

Success Rates


When asking, or being told, about success rates you should have a clear idea exactly what information you are getting.

I have had people telling me that they have success with patches for a time and so will continue using them to stop (regularly)

Some therapists count success as someone walking out of their office not wanting a cigarette. Success for how long?

Some rely on people getting in touch with them and telling them if they have not quit.  Some won't. Some decide they don't want to stop after all..

Some people send information asking if people have quit.  Not everyone will come back with answers even if it is just because some have moved.  No-one can prove 100%  success long-term.

The only way that success can truly be measured is by getting all quitters back and testing them.

The only way to be relatively certain that someone has quit for good is by receiving recommendations from them or by getting cards, voluntarily sent, long-term telling you they are still smoke free.  Never will 100% of successes do those things.

Beware of people who say that have 100% or 90% success rates.  We all want to believe we have been successful, that's why we do it - but let's not get carried away with things we can't prove.

All I will say is that most of my smoking clients come from recommendation and that only about 20% come back for the free back-up session within the first twelve months.

So-called addictive personalities

No such thing

Addictive personailites are simply people with issues that need resolving and they use habits like smoking or over eating to cope with those issues.

There is no reason for them to continue using something destructive to rely on.  In most cases that can be changed to something more healthy.  In some cases I would recommend a course of therapy to deal with some of those problems before attempting the quitting.

If just a bit of you wants to quit. 

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A one to one session for stop smoking hypnotherapy is not the only option.

groupSpend a full day as part of a group of people wanting to quit and you can be sure that all of them will be exactly like you - wanting to quit but not wanting to either or too scared to try.  How can I be sure of this? 

Because if they really truly were ready to quit they would have already done so - no doubt about it.

You will learn about your individual smoking profile, you will learn about  who really wants you to keep smoking and how they make you feel as though it is you and finally you will quit.  Experience a fantastic feeling of freedom.

 We anticipate that there will be a lot of people wanting to use this method to stop  as you are saving over half the cost of an individual therapy session so register your interest as we will be running these workshops with small numbers of participants regularly.  Start saving now instead of burning your money - Better still get a group of friends or colleague together and book a private group session for yourselves.

couple on holidayNever have time to to think about quitting?  Why not combine it with a holiday or break.  You will get daily support and therapy sessions as and when you need them.  You can come with friends who want to quit or who have other issues they would like to deal with or bring your partner or friend to just sit in the sun while you have your sessions. The more people who come with you the less you pay.


Green reasons to stop

 Every cigarette butt takes 10 years to biodegrade - 200 million per year! 

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*"To find the most effective method to stop smoking Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran from the university of Iowa used a meta-analysis, utilising the results of more than 600 studies totalling nearly 72,000 people."

"The results, which were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and included 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, clearly showed that hypnosis, to use the same terminology as the quit counsellor, was three times more effective than NRT."

Multi therapy approach

Hypnotherapy is a great way to quit.  However, if you want to give yourself and your body a cleaner and fresher new start then looking at some other areas too will be even better for you.

It is  well know that if you chain smoked 30 cigarettes without ever having smoked before, the results would be serious illness and possibly death.  No-one ever actually does that.  You build up your smoking and in your best interests, your body is, at the same time building up a tolerance towards the adverse effects of your smoking.

Although nicotine leave your body very quickly once you quit, other chemicals take a lot longer to leave.  It makes sense that if you have unwanted chemicals in your body you are not going to be in the peak of health -  you will probably feel that way compared to how you felt when you were smoking.

In order the start a cleansing of the cells in your body we offer an aqua detox therapy session.  It is a pleasant foot spa that is thought to detoxify the cells in your body.  Although still going through clinical trials to prove the detox effect examination of cells in various parts of the body show that the cells have less congestions after the therapy.   You can see photos of Live Blood Microscopy here.  You can also check the contra indications and testimonies.

As with smoking you get into routines in your life that dictate certain patterns and behaviours.  You also come to expect and depend on certain reactions to food that manifest over a period.  Making small adjustments to your nutritent intake can make vast differences to successfully quitting smoking.  You will have a personalised session tailored specifically to you with recommendations about the balance and timing of your nutrient intake.

Don't worry, this is not another obstcle that you have to deal with whilst quitting smoking.  We would love to offer you a nutritional programme for better health and vitality but not now - let's take things one at a time.

The nutritional support you get will be tailored personnally to you and only dealing specifically with the changes that you are likely to experience as your body adjusts to your new status of a non-smoker.  So nutrients that might help with the chemical adjstments thtat are taking place in your body.

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