sadDo you think you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Try our quiz for more insight.




1. Do your reactions to the weather actively inhibit your daily life?

2. Do you experience unhappiness so great that you cannot do things you want to do?

3. Do you sleep longer in the winter and do you still have trouble waking in the morning?

4. Has your partner or anyone else close to you commented on  about your change in behavior?

5. Do you feel depressed only in autumn and winter (as opposed to simply grumpy or out of sorts)?

6. Do you have gastro-intenstinal problems during this time?

7.  Do you have more colds than usual in Autumn and winter?

8. Do you feel more sluggish and weary during this period?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it’s possible what you’re experiencing is SAD. The encouraging news is that there is help for suffers of SAD.

If you would like a consultation or to speak to someone about the things we can offer to help with sad please fill in the therapy request form here